Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upper Cervical Care, Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Adapted from Question Answered

By Dr. Myron Brown

I received this question in an E-mail today. I thought that others might be interested in this subject, so the question and answer are copied below (the person’s name is omitted). This person has anxiety and panic attacks and asks if Upper Cervical Care will help that condition.


Upper Cervical Care benefits people by correcting interference that can occur in the body’s central nerve system.

The brain is responsible to control and coordinate the function of the body and it uses a vast network of nerves, like a wiring system, to communicate with the various cells, tissues and organs of the body. The spinal cord is the main “cable” that carries messages from the brain through the movable bones of the spinal column. Those bones are intended to protect the nerves passing through them. However, if the head and neck get misaligned it can have just the opposite effect. Instead of protecting the nerve system, head/neck misalignment can become an insult to the spinal cord and nerves passing through it.

The resultant nerve interference can disturb function in ways that are both predictable and unpredictable. But either way, interference due to head/neck misalignment is damaging to the performance of the body. Simply put, it interferes with the function of the body.

Since communication between the brain and other body parts is essential to regulate body chemistry, deleterious effects are inevitable, while remaining difficult to forecast. When an upper cervical doctor identifies head/neck misalignment, he or she will endeavor to correct it, not to treat any particular condition or disease, but because good nerve supply is essential to the function of the body.

To address your question most specifically, I would not offer upper cervical care to treat anxiety, panic attacks or any other condition. Yet an important question needs to be asked. Who needs a good nerve supply more than someone who is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks? Precise upper cervical corrections allow for better performance. In my practice experience patients have reported positive changes in many conditions that were not predictable, yet through the correction of head/neck misalignment, they observed pleasing improvements in many facets of their family’s health and performance. So the right answer to this question is that upper cervical care is not for treating conditions, but to improve function. Every family member benefits from improved nerve system function. I would recommend finding an upper cervical doctor who can provide a precise spinal analysis and correction of head/neck misalignment to allow proper brain to body communication.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I have gotten long panic attacks and palpitations out of what seemed like nowhere for a long time. When i knew my body more, i started icing my upper cervical area which halts it in a small amount of time. My theory is that a whiplash injury, TMJ and improper posture (all of which come to together) were/are disturbing my vagus nerve. Trigger point massage and chiropractic has helped me. So.. you can have panic attacks without emotional factors... mine happened to come from nerves starting in my neck.


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