Friday, June 17, 2011

Sickness 2 Health: From The Inside Out

Wanted to drop all of my readers a line that my first book is complete and ready. Please check it out and share this with others. Here is the link where you can get a copy. You can read the first 10 pages or so at that link. It is available as a paperback or as a download. Here is a short synopsis:

"Regaining and maintaining your health by turning common health knowledge upside down and inside out. There is a paradigm shift happening and people are looking to “do it yourself” healthcare more all the time for better health and, especially in today’s current economy, to save money. There are many books out there of course that address this and try to provide ideas and suggestions about what one should do to regain and maintain their health. This is not what Sickness 2 Health is about. Sickness 2 Health, while giving some action steps, has the primary intention of rattling and shattering your current world view in regards to health. From the smoldering ashes of these old outdated views we lift up a new perspective and premise to make health decisions from, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes."

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