Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just How Does The Body Work?

How the Body Works

-Author Unknown

Most people have been led to believe eating nutritious foods (including supplements), drinking plenty of fluids, exercising regularly, sleeping well and having a clean air supply will keep you healthy.

Well ....

These things are a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle - but every function in your body is under the regulation and coordination of your nerve system, which must operate at 100% for optimal health.

The Nerve System Houses Your Brain Messages:

Think about it. Your brain isn't programmed to make you sick or diseased - ever. Each human brain and nerve system is totally 100% programmed for optimal health and wellness and will manifest this every time unless interfered with somewhere in the system. Your brain stores thousands of genetic coding far beyond our scientific understanding of the body.

Establishing an Uninterrupted Nerve Flow is a Major Key to Optimal Health:

Your brain is continuously producing vital messages which are brilliantly decoded into electrical impulses with the purpose of performing an important function in a specific place in your body. Millions of these messages are sent every second of your life passing from your brain to your body cells and equally important, from your body cells back to your brain. Anything that interrupts the proper flow of electrical impulses through your nerve system should set off loud beeping alarms in the body, but it often doesn't - usually not until a certain amount of damage has already been accumulated.

Take a moment, followed by a lifetime, to appreciate your body and your innate life force that controls all body functions. Periodic upper cervical care can contribute in a big way to maintaining your body balance and achieve optimal health.

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