Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Unreasonable Christmas and Upper Cervical Care

Editors Note: Adapted from Have an Unreasonable Christmas! by Dr. Michael D. Thomas

The inclement weather this month has caused a few of my patients to remark that they are tired of being cold and are going to move to Florida… As I write this on the 12th of the month, we have already had one significant cold snap and are gearing up for another one. These abrupt changes in temperature are tough on folks, so please take a little better care of yourselves than usual.

One of my friends and teachers once told me that it is only the unreasonable people who change the world. All the reasonable ones just adapt to whatever happens, in a reasonable manner. The seemingly reasonable response to the changes in our lives is all too frequently, anger and fear. We hear it almost everywhere now. It is on the radio and the TV and all over the internet. I would ask you, in this festive season, to be a bit unreasonable. Gandhi once noted that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave the world blind and edentulous (toothless!). Revenge may have a transient attraction but it creates an endless circle of relationships all bent on calamity. There are too many endless grievances among too many peoples of the world to even list. Yes, it is exactly how we humans have always been.

So in this holiday season I would ask you to be a bit unreasonable. Perform random acts of kindness. Be respectful. Take the time to listen to what people are saying to you. Express your gratitude. Smile with your eyes as well as your mouth. Let your heart show once in a while. A kind word can change a disaster into a blessing.

Be the qualities that are missing for you in this world. Babies learn by modeling their mother’s behavior. Throughout our lives, we find innumerable teachers and we can all teach each other compassion and tolerance and good will by having those qualities within ourselves as we move amongst each other. It is actually contagious. We all wish to feel these qualities within ourselves, and it feels good to be treated with respect. To be listened to. To be thanked.

Thank you all for reading. Every day I feel the wonderful effects of circular relationships built on trust and respect and goodwill. Practicing and writing about upper cervical care has truly been a great blessing for me. I wish to be of service in this world and this work has given me a vehicle to change lives in many incredible ways. I remain after all these years, amazed at the power of structure and function, of realigning the upper cervical spine and watching Life restore itself.

I have received many thanks for the effects of this work in people's lives and today I want to thank everyone for collectively allowing me the opportunity to serve. Don’t give up on this crazy world yet. Find balance in your life and then use your life to make the world just a little bit better. Our actions are contagious and maybe some love will get mixed into the temper of the times. It could sure use it. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to Men (And Women too!)

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