Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upper Cervical Care Stories Of Healing: Part 4

Editor's Note: Today our story comes from Upper Cervical Health Centers of America and their Cedar Falls, IA office. Again, please remember that upper cervical doctors do not treat any condition or disease. They are simply removing an obstruction to the body healing on its own. When this is accomplished and it stays that way the wisdom of the body can do amazing things.

Keith's Story

Have you ever considered walking across the yard? Ever actually think about it, or does it come automatically? How about walking across the room, or even getting out of your seat? Most people don’t give it a second thought. Ever drop something, even as small as a pen, and just bend down to pick it up without considering doing it? What if it hurt so bad to even bend down to pick up a pen that you considered leaving it alone? How long could you take that kind of pain? A day, a week, maybe a month? How about ten years?? Have you ever been afraid to pick up that dropped pen in fear that you might not be able to straighten up again, or that suddenly you would get a muscle spasm in your back so bad you would be laid up for a week or two?

That was my life for ten whole years! Most of the time I was in so much pain in my back and hips that to just get out of a chair or bed took some real consideration if it was worth it. The rest of the time was in fear that moving the wrong way would make it hurt so bad I would be incapacitated as a result. Sometimes it would hurt so bad I had trouble even breathing.

I went to see chiropractors – four or five different ones, with different approaches and techniques. None of them could keep me on my feet for more than a couple weeks. Then the pain would come back with a vengeance, sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly, with a huge spasm. I also saw MD’s. Three of them assured me that it would take a “routine” operation, with a 50% chance of not getting any better. I decided I’d rather be in a wheelchair, which is what they “guaranteed” would eventually happen if I didn’t have the surgery.

I couldn’t hold a job because I couldn’t lift anything, walk across a room, or even sit for any length of time.

After about five years of back and hip pain, I woke up one night and noticed my heart had skipped a couple beats, then hammered quite hard for about three beats. It scared me so bad I went to the MD to have it checked out. He said a lot of people have it – could be stress, could be heart disease, so I went for an ultrasound and found my heart was very efficient – better than most. So why the funny heartbeat? I had also had chronic heartburn for many years along with everything else. Nothing could stop it, and I thought the symptoms were all connected somehow. I didn’t realize how right I was.

My wife had been working to support our family, as I couldn’t do much to make any money, being as crippled as I was. It was so hard for us to make it with 5 of us. I don’t know how we did it. I have to commend my Laurie for sticking it out with me. I was feeling pretty useless after ten years of this condition. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, when Laurie told me she was going to quit her good paying job, and go to work for a “new chiropractor” in town. I thought, “oh good, somebody else is going to tell me he can fix me up. How long this time? A week? A month? Seen it before!”

Doc Troyer did just that, so I let him have a chance at my back also. Except he didn’t want to touch my back, but wanted to “correct” my neck! I thought this guy is REALLY going in the wrong direction! Hope he at least pays my wife enough to support our family while I remain crippled! I let him do the x-rays, and show me where my neck was out, and do the correction. It was all too easy, but the 20 min. nap was nice! Ten years of pain can make you a pretty serious skeptic. You had to “show me”, and I’m not even from Missouri!

I went home that day, took it easy, like Doc told me. When I got up the next morning, I was already in the bathroom before I realized it didn’t take me 20 minutes to get out of bed, as usual, and it didn’t hurt nearly as much doing it! Again, we’ll see – a week? A month?

Doc Troyer had me coming in regularly, and after 3 weeks of checking and a few more corrections, I wasn’t feeling too bad. The real test came when my 160 lb Rott decided to chase a cat. I KNEW what was going to happen to that cat! No adjustment was going to help poor kitty if he got a hold of him, so I ran after the dog. My Rott and I both stopped and stared at each other in amazement. Neither of us could believe I ran! I hadn’t run in over ten years. Doc Troyer was making me a believer! Again, time would tell, but this was more than anyone else had done, so I decided to stick with the program.

After 6 months, my heartburn was gone, and another 6 months my heartbeat went back to normal. That sounds like a long time, but you have to understand, my neck was REALLY messed up, and I was also making up for lost time. During that year I was running a 6 acre organic garden and scrapping cars, not taking it easy, like I should have been doing. I figured I might as well challenge those corrections to see how good Doc Troyer really was. He didn’t let me down. Since he started work on me, I’ve fallen backwards off of a car trailer on cement, been pinned down by a heavy piece of steel, lifted heavy objects as often as I could, and done some pretty amazing feats for as crippled as I was. I was steadily getting better through all the punishment I could subject myself through.

Today, I am 54 years old and can out work most 25 year olds, feel better than I have since I was 30 years old, and remain pain free! I owe it all to Upper Cervical care and Doc Troyer. Oh yes, and my wife for going to work for Doc and convincing me to give it “one more try” and see her boss about my pain. If you’re hurting and/or don’t feel right, you gotta give Upper Cervical a try. It’s NOT about the symptoms, it’s about THE CAUSE! Being pain free and feeling better can be so easy, and being as crippled as I was, is NOT any fun!

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