Thursday, October 21, 2010

Upper Cervical Care Stories Of Healing: Part 5

Editor's Note: Today our story comes from a patient of Upper Cervical Health Centers in their Tulsa, OK office. Again, please remember that upper cervical doctors do not treat any condition or disease. They are simply removing an obstruction to the body healing on its own. When this is accomplished and it stays that way the wisdom of the body can do amazing things.


Oh, where to begin……. Thirteen years ago I was hit head-on by a driver who chose to cross over into my lane on a two-lane highway . The impact was at 70 mph. It was a miracle I survived. The injuries I sustained were from my seat belt and from the sudden jolt of the impact. The majority of my muscles in my back, neck, and chest were torn and several of my ribs were fractured. I underwent physical therapy for a year and a half. Then I was released because there was nothing else that could be “medically” done for me. I was told by two doctors, upon my release from their care, that they were sorry because I was so young and they went on to give me a list of “things” I could not and would not, ever, be able to do for the remainder of my life and that within 10 years I would have to have back surgery that would fuse several of my bones together. I asked, “What about having children? ” They proceeded to tell me not to even try it and that I should just be thankful I survived. At 23 years of age, I was unwilling to except such a bleak future.

Several days after the “accident”, my dad took me to a chiropractor. With great pain, I was put back into place. I continued chiropractic care for 12 years and I know it helped me continue to keep going on with my life.

About a year after my physical therapy ended, I began to have what two years later would be diagnosed as seizures and “possible” epilepsy. I underwent numerous tests and eventually gave in to taking prescription medication. For the next 9 1/2 years, without warning I would experience seizures. The seizures would include the inability to speak clearly (many times my sentences would come out in reverse word order or with every other word missing) or not at all, the temporary loss of consciousness, loss of muscle control, and falling. After the seizures occurred, I would be totally exhausted (mentally and physically).

At the age of 34, my regular visits to my doctors and chiropractor were literally doing no good. In addition to the seizures, I began have trouble bending down and getting up due to dizziness and my back ”locking-up”. It was then that I became desperate for someone or something that could help me.

That help came in form of a childhood friend who had recently discovered upper cervical care. Shortly after talking with my friend, I called and set up an appointment. Being under the care of a wonderful Upper Cervical Doctor has literally changed my life. I am now 35 years old, “drug free”, have not had a seizure in months, am able to bend down and get back up without experiencing dizziness or my back ”locking-up”. The benefits of Upper Cervical Care are tremendous. By keeping my body in proper alignment, it is literally healing itself. AMAZING!

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