Monday, October 18, 2010

Upper Cervical Care Stories Of Healing: Part 3

Editor's Note: Here are 8 more stories of healing one last time from Dr. Margaret Banitch in Montclair, New Jersey. Again, please remember that upper cervical doctors do not treat any condition or disease. They are simply removing an obstruction to the body healing on its own. When this is accomplished and it stays that way the wisdom of the body can do amazing things


I was diagnosed years ago with Meniere’s disease. I had severe vertigo and vomiting. I never knew when it was going to happen. I saw two ear specialists who prescribed steroids, other medications and steroid shots with no relief. The doctors told me I would have to learn to live with it. I suffered for 2 ½ years before I found out about upper cervical care and started seeing Dr. Margaret. Now I have gone months and even more than a year without any episodes. If I have the beginning of an episode I know I can get my neck corrected and go back to leading a normal life and not worrying if this is going to be the day I need to be taken home from work.


My 8 year old son injured his neck jumping off a boat in February 2009. He immediately reported neck pain and shortly after I noticed he developed facial tics. I also noticed he was having trouble focusing in school. We went to an orthopedist who x-rayed Sean, recommended tylenol / ibuprofen and said everything would be ok. I continued to search for an answer to his problems and found upper cervical care and Dr. Margaret on the internet. After his first adjustment there was dramatic improvement! The tics have disappeared and he is focusing better in school. Dr Margaret has helped him tremendously and has developed a great relationship with him. I have since started upper cervical care myself and have referred many family members and friends to Dr. Margaret with great results.


My son was born 10 years ago with a rare genetic disorder, Hirschhorn syndrome involving severe developmental delays. Since seeing Dr. Margaret he has more verbal sounds and is walking better. I have noticed he is sitting up straighter. His other health care providers and therapists have noticed he has a better attention span and coordination.


I had severe neck and arm pain for 2 months following a fall in February 2009. In that time I saw 2 orthopedists, another chiropractor and a physical therapist with no relief. My problem was complicated by severe scoliosis and osteoporosis. After 2 visits to Dr. Margaret my neck was pain-free. After 4 visits I had full range of motion in my neck. I have also noticed better balance walking and more energy. It is interesting to me that my former chiropractor refused to continue treatment of me when severe scoliosis and osteoporosis was diagnosed, yet Dr. Margaret treated me without question and successfully.


I have had chronic TMJ isuues, neck, arm shoulder and back pain intermittently for over 10 years. I saw TMJ specialists, chiropractors, ear nose and throat specialists and a neurologist with only moderate relief. I have only undergone treatment with Dr Banitch for one month but the change is evident! Remarkably I’ve needed only 2 neck adjustments and the pain is gone. I am more relaxed, no longer wake up with the jitters, sleep better and suffer no headaches. I think this upper cervical care is nothing short of miraculous!


I had fallen while rollerblading and felt my back was out of alignment... a concern due to my scoliosis. My doctor and pharmacist recommended I see Dr. Margaret. With the upper cervical adjustments I’ve experienced a completely unexpected benefit. My sinuses are sooo much better. I no longer go into a fog when a storm is brewing. I had no sinus infections this past winter like in the previous winters. This has been life-changing - no exaggeration! Aside from feeling less "crooked" and thus more able to do everything, the improvement in my sinuses has given me days and weeks back that I used to lose. I no longer have to worry about what the weather will be like when I have to work and be "on". I am so grateful to have found Dr. Margaret and love her staff as well.


Nearly a year has gone by since you started treating me for the severe pain in my neck, back, spine and hip. I was in such bad condition that my posture could be compared to the leaning Tower of Pisa. Daily, I was wracked with pain and I forced myself to bear it. So much so, that after you eliminated the pain, I missed it for awhile. That was then, which brings me to now. Now, I can turn my head as I park my car, instead of my whole body. Now, with the exception of arthritis, I don’t remember the pain in my neck, back and hip that kept me awake at night. Now although I am 63 years old with the spirit of a 33 year old, sometimes, I can almost get my body to believe it. It once told me I was about 93. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I am writing to thank you for giving me a new lease on life. When I count my blessings, you are high on the list.


For a little over 10 years I suffered with extreme back, knee and neck pain. Atleast once a year I was in physical therapy for one of my ailments. P.T. was at least 2-4 months long. One day my friend told me about Dr. Margaret. I was amazed how a simple, painless adjustment could relieve those horrible pains in my body. Now I know when my sciatica starts, my knees ache or I just don't feel right... I need an adjustment. Within 24 hrs, I am pain free. It has been life changing for me to have that horrible pain gone. I am so hooked on upper cervical care.

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