Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Restoration Of Health With Upper Cervical Care

A recent post on the Atlas of Life discusses how 5 patients were helped through Upper Cervical Care. These 5 people are now big advocates and supporters of Upper Cervical Care. Check it out, click here.

Here is the first patient's story:

James Tomasi: “I believed the spasm’s were worse immediately following the first correction. A few hours later I had the first break in the pain for over 9 months. The breaks increased in length sporadically the rest of the day. The pain decreased in intensity following each correction. After 3 corrections, 11 days later, I was pain free.

The pain was gone for 13 months. It returned intermittently over the next 3 years as my neck curvature restored to normal. (My head was in front of my shoulders and I had developed a hump on my back the size of two hands.) Once my neck reassumed the proper alignment, the nerve no longer affected my face, and the pain only returned for a few days the few times I experienced trauma to the atlas area.”

Click here for more.

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