Monday, March 8, 2010

Periodic Upper Cervical Check-ups?

People hire professionals to check over things that are beyond their capabilities.

For example, they hire:

• Mechanics to check their automobiles;
• Accountants to check their taxes;
• Dentists to check their teeth; and
• Optometrists to check their eyes.

Why don’t they go Upper Cervical doctors to check their spines, nervous systems and postures?

People should know that we subject our bodies, and spines in particular, to gravity and other stressors everyday and that small problems if not checked for regularly and addressed could turn into big problems later on. They also should know that Upper Cervical doctors, while often times helping us get through those aches and pains, are experts at regularly analyzing the function and structure of the spine and nervous system to help prevent problems, promote wellness and enhance quality of life.

If people see Upper Cervical Care as only a means of taking care of symptoms or pain, then there are truly dozens of options available for the patient. However, if people see Upper Cervical Care as the specialty of focusing on the structure of the spine and the function of the nervous system, then maybe we all would invest more in our health by having periodic checkups to help us stay well.

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