Monday, March 15, 2010

Upper Cervical Care Do’s and Don’ts

Before and after each Upper Cervical Correction, it is vital that these measures be taken to protect your correction. Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure the longest lasting correction and help you reach your optimal health potential. Questions are encouraged because the better you understand why upper cervical doctors do what they do, the more you can help them help you.

Follow these helpful hints:

Avoid the following before office visits:

4 hours before your appointment; NO over the counter drugs, pain relievers (Example: Tylenol, Excedrin, Advil), antibiotics, or antidepressants.

2 hours before your appointment; NO caffeine, cigarettes, or chocolate, or use of heating pad or ice on your neck or back.

30 minutes before your appointment; NO sugar or candy.

*Upper cervical doctors are measuring brainstem and nerve function; the above products alter their readings. They must have accuracy in these readings in order to increase the odds of success in your case. Please let them know if you have used any of the above products or other prescription drugs before they test you.

Avoid the following for at least 24 hours after a correction:

Repetitive arm motions (sweeping, vacuuming, yard work, etc.)

Bumps, jolts, and vibrations (mowing or tilling, running heavy machinery, etc.)

Overhead work (reaching overhead and looking up)

Avoid the following:

Sleeping on your stomach with your head turned to one side

Using big, thick, fluffy pillows

Do the following:

Keep all your appointments at your appointed time. This “schedule of corrections” is tailor made for you to ensure maximum correction.

Drink 8 glasses of clean water, either spring/purified, or reverse osmosis, (not tap water), per day

Start walking. Walking on even surfaces helps strengthen your correction and builds strength and stamina.

Rest flat on your back with pillow under your neck during the middle of the day (10 to 20 minutes). This helps maintain your correction.

Let the doctor know of any slips, falls, bumps or other injuries, no matter how insignificant.

Sleep with a pillow designed to contour and support your neck, either flat on your back, or on your side.

Include your family in your care. The more your family understands Upper Cervical Care, the more support they can provide.

While upper cervical doctors do want their patients to feel better, do not expect them to treat your symptoms. The corrections they make are not designed for pain or symptom relief. They are designed to remove an interference to healing, so the body will heal itself. As the body heals, symptoms will go away. Be a patient patient. Corrections are only given when objective tests say you need one. Please don’t expect a correction based on how you feel.

If you have a problem with any of these, please do not get under care, as it is not a good fit for you at this time. If you have just begun care and have a problem with any of these let your upper cervical doctor know immediately so they can resolve the issue before you start something you cannot finish.

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