Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dillon's Story: ADHD and Upper Cervical Care

By Robin Helms
from Upper Cervical Advocates website.

In July of 2005, I took three year old, Dillon, for his annual checkup. As I filled out a developmental questionnaire my fears were confirmed that my little boy was not at an age appropriate level. Dillon failed play based assessments’, and was labeled severely developmentally delayed from 9 months to two years in every category. He also suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He was placed in speech and occupational therapy in October.

By June of 2006, we had seen negligible improvements and he was practically uncontrollable. He could not communicate, had no physical contact nor look at us when we talked to him. I planned on ADHD medication and an evaluation for autism. I did not want to medicate him because I knew the side effects were horrible, but I was exhausted. I compared it to raising a child who only spoke Chinese. My mother mentioned a seminar she attended on the benefits of Upper Cervical Care. I scheduled an appointment, and I prayed.

At Dillon's evaluation, we were shown that his top vertebrae was misaligned on his brain stem. After the first adjustment, Dillon slept soundly all through the night for the first time in his life. He looked at me when I spoke, and smiled. Every adjustment brought more milestones. After two weeks, he gave me hugs and kisses. Within a month, he laughed and told jokes. He successfully attempted new tasks. He became an energetic, healthy, happy four year old boy. His only obstacle had proven to be one little bone: the Atlas.

At Dillon's four year checkup, just one month after beginning treatments, Dillon was at or above average in every category. His gross motor skills and critical thinking skills were at the top of the charts. His teachers were stunned. Dillon now meets all of his goals in record time, and they make new ones to keep him challenged. Dillon is now in Kindergarten in a typical classroom doing exceptionally well. He loves school and talks about his new adventures. In fact, he talks so much we're beginning to wonder if we've fixed him too much. His discipline both in and out of the classroom has improved so much I've almost forgotten the struggles we had before. He continues to astound us with how fast he is learning. His life will never be the same, thanks to God and to Upper Cervical Care.

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