Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Upper Cervical Care and ADHD

by George Burroughs, D.C.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects millions of Americans adults as well as children. By definition, ADHD is a neurologically based disorder and should, therefore, be co-managed with the experts in functional neurology: Upper Cervical Doctors

Probably the best way to begin helping an individual with ADHD, or their parents, is by educating them not about ADHD, but about Upper Cervical. A good starting point is to make sure they understand that Upper Cervical doesn't treat ADHD. Instead, inform them that Upper Cervical's goal is to bring about the restoration on normal nervous system function.

Once the involved individuals understand the value of care that addresses the nerve imbalance of ADHD, the doctor should further educate them regarding Upper Cervical. Quite simply, it is important to teach people that "subluxations" are structural misalignments that cause neurological dysfunctions, and that the specific purpose of Upper Cervical is to identify and correct such subluxations.

The symptoms related to ADHD (hyperactivity, inability to pay attention, impulsivity) seem to indicate a disturbance with brain stem function. This idea of brain stem dysfunction is actually supported by the manufacturer of Ritalin who admits that although "how" Ritalin works is not completely understood, it does appear to affect the brain stem.

I find this correlation between brain stem dysfunction and ADHD extremely interesting for Upper Cervical because a subluxation to the upper neck area can be the cause of brain stem dysfunction. Special attention must be paid to the upper neck region when caring for individuals with ADHD.

Correcting subluxations is a vital contribution that only Upper Cervical Doctors can offer to children with ADHD. These children, along with their parents and teachers, need to be educated about the benefits of Upper Cervical. Ultimately, all children should be able to experience the joy of a well adjusted body.

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