Friday, February 26, 2010

Birth Trauma and Upper Cervical Care

Birth Trauma during Deliveries Dangerous to Newborns

The most common cause of this damage is excessive traction and twisting of the infant’s neck when using the head as a lever to extract the infant from the birth canal, damaging spinal structures, the spinal cord and brain stem. Survival of the infant depends on brain stem functions such as respiration, heart activity and reflex actions.

Unfortunately, such damage often goes undiagnosed and unreported since many doctors are unaware of the significant trauma that can result. Routine examination of spinal structures is not normally done of newborns.

Spinal damage can occur in numerous ways. Rupture and tearing of the covering of the brain and spinal cord (Meninges), tearing of the spinal nerve roots and laceration, swelling and compression of the spinal cord and brain stem are common. While heart function may or may not be normal in such cases, respiratory depression soon after birth is a cardinal sign of brain stem injury.

By way of commentary on this article, Upper Cervical doctors correct the head/neck misalignments that can occur during even routine deliveries. If your child, or any you know, experienced a difficult delivery, it would be helpful that their head and neck alignment be checked by an Upper Cervical doctor. Upper Cervical correction of spinal problems should take place as soon after they occur as possible in order to help insure a lasting correction and good health.


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