Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Cancer Experiment: A Lesson Learned

An interesting experiment was done some years ago at Ohio State Penitentiary. Volunteer convicts were purposely injected with cancer cells. The scientists wanted to see if they could promote cancer in an apparently healthy person. They found that healthy prisoners, with no history of cancer did not develop cancer after the implantation. Within a few weeks every trace of cancer was gone.

Next, in those patients who had fought off the cancer cells, they introduced more thinking that while the body had fought off the first “dose”, it was now weakened and more susceptible. To their surprise, the patients’ bodies got rid of the second group of cancer cells even faster than the first!

The important lesson here is that the body has an inborn ability to resist cancer. So everyone and especially those with cancer should be finding ways to boost their immunity and resistance to cancer.

Likely cancer is caused by a combination of a number of factors that lead to a breakdown in the body’s ability to attack and kill cancer cells. But rest assured that these factors are all within the body and treatment and cures that come from outside the body are not the answer. The answer is in staying healthy, and Upper Cervical Care should be an important part of any program to help you stay healthy.

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