Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why Does Upper Cervical Care Work?

Well this is my 100th post so I thought I would use it to explain Why Upper Cervical Care works and more specifically why it seems to help a wide variety of conditions.

Adapted from "Why Does Chiropractic Work?"
by Dr. Joe Strauss

Upper Cervical Care has lasted for 70+ years because it obviously does something. It has a growing number of practitioners , millions of satisfied people for all over the world, many of whom choose to come back for periodic check-ups. All of this despite the fact that very few people understand the objective of Upper Cervical Care. The success of Upper Cervical Care (UCC) with a multitude of conditions must mean something. Anecdotal success must have some validity. Some people would ascribe these numerous successes with varied conditions to positive thinking, coincidence, faith or some other illegitimate factor. However, all the different successes with millions of people for 70+ years has to be something more than coincidence or mass hysteria. UCC had to possess something in order to succeed, despite the opposition of the medical community who was convinced that no single procedure could be the cure for everything. Millions of intelligent and reasonable people, including legislators, concluded that UCC worked on some level.

Along came a group of doctors who presented a reason why UCC “works” for some people and not for others, why certain conditions get well in some and not in others, why UCC appears to have had some success with all kinds of medical ailments. They presented the reasonable explanation that UCC is not a treatment or cure for medical conditions. UCC does one thing, it allows the body to work better, to function at a higher level, to be a little bit healthier. That is the reason for apparent success in so many and varied conditions. A body working better has greater potential to heal all types of conditions.

It is also the reason for “UCC failures.” Even though upper cervical adjustments enable the body to work better, sometimes that improved function is not sufficient to enable the body to heal itself. So despite working better, the body cannot heal and either the person must learn to live with a condition or seek relief in the therapeutic realm.

It was further reasoned that if the body works better when a precise Upper Cervical adjustment was maintained in some people, enough to get well from some conditions, then it must make the body work better in all people, those who do not get well, those who have no problems or conditions and everyone in between. They further reasoned that a body working better because of no interference will also benefit in other areas of human function besides disease and health. While we cannot measure quantitatively the improvement in a person under UCC, the fact that varied and serious conditions have been known to get well, suggests that the improvement must be of a significant nature. It also follows logically that failure to keep the body free of nerve interference must be a significant factor in the loss of health or decreased ability to function in all areas of life.

This idea was so logical that they began to have themselves and their families checked on a regular basis. They further determined that if it was good and necessary for themselves and their families, then the idea of periodically checking the spine for nerve interference and removing it when found was good for all of humanity and perhaps there were enough people out there who would agree and want this type of care for themselves and their families. After all there are millions of people who drink bottled water, take supplements, eat nutritionally, exercise regularly and in many other ways take care of themselves for no other reason than because their body will work better. They concluded that if they can find enough people interested in this type of care they can contribute to the betterment of society.

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