Monday, January 4, 2010

Upper Cervical Care And The Living Miracle

Adapted from "You Are A Living Miracle!"

By Dr. Edward Weller

You have an intelligence inside of you that is amazing. Think about it:

It created you from 2 cells. Now you have 70,000,000,000,000 (trillion)!

If you cut yourself, you will heal. In a few days, the body replaces the damaged skin with new skin and the cut heals.

In 12 months you will have an entirely new body. As you’re reading this, the inside lining of your stomach is dying and new cells are replacing them. Your heart cells are dying and new cells are growing. Constantly, everyday, cells die and new ones are growing.

You and your children are in a constant cycle of life and healing. If, in 12 months, you will have a new heart, then why can’t the body heal heart disease? If, in 12 months you will have a new pancreas, then why can’t the body heal diabetes it’s had for 7 years? It can, if you can figure out what’s stopping the body from functioning at 100%.

The brain, spinal cord, and nerves are responsible for all your functioning and healing. We can get sick and build disease when something interferes with our brain, spinal cord, and nerves. This interference can cause nerve damage, the brain’s messages are distorted, sending abnormal messages to the body, the body produces abnormal cells, those abnormal cells multiply, and then you can have disease.

An Upper Cervical Correction releases pressure off the nerves, opening the life channels, and life returns back to the body. With these clear channels, abnormal cells are replaced with normal cells, and a miracle takes place in the body!

Who gets cancer first, a body that’s working at 100% or a body that’s working at 80%? You know the answer now!

We work with Life, not against it. That is why miracles can happen everyday with Upper Cervical Care! Share this with others. They may not know the miracles inside them!

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