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The Upper Cervical Story of Louella Harris

Louella's Story is amazing and the non-profit organization she started is equally so. The National Awareness Campaign for Upper Cervical Care (NACUCC). The next few posts will be from information put out by NACUCC. Enjoy!

"So Much Pain. So Unnecessary!"

Louella Harris contracted polio in 1958, in Kenya, East Africa she was 3 years old. Thirty-four years later, after appearing on television and radio for affirmative action in her state, obtaining a Master's degree and getting married, pain began creeping up Louella's arms and neck and burned into her chest. Her medical doctors called it a combination of Post Polio Syndrome, and a condition called Fibromyalgia. Their only recommendations were painkillers and exercise. The pain grew so intense that Louella became confined to bed for months. Any sort of movement at all was agony. Her husband, Richard, became her personal attendant, He dressed and fed her and helped with all her personal needs on a daily basis. Louella couldn't even sit up to watch television or hold a book.

In desperation, the Harrises tried everything, including chiropractic. The problem was that the chiropractic procedure she experienced, while it had helped others, didn’t seem to help her. To make matters worse her medical doctors only offered drugs and exercise. Nutrition wasn't even affecting the pain. At that point, there honestly didn’t seem to be any answers anywhere.

Then, one day, while she lay in bed fighting the pain and watching the clock to see when she could take her next pain pill, Louella had an uncanny feeling come over her. The inexplicable feeling carried a message. The message was that indeed there was an answer for her. And when she found it, it was going to be much bigger than just for her.

A few weeks later, a friend called and told her about a little known procedure practiced by less than 2000 chiropractors worldwide. Louella located one of the Upper Cervical chiropractors in her state. He turned out to be a highly skilled, big-hearted doctor who took the time to call her back and answer as many questions as possible without actually examining her. He gave Louella no guarantees, but the information he shared with her was different than anything she had ever heard of before. That in itself gave her hope.

Four months after Louella first experienced precision Upper Cervical chiropractic she was out of bed, back to work, and pregnant! Nine months later she gave birth to a baby girl at age 39, naturally. That was just the beginning.

After her dramatic recovery, Richard and Louella met people who had struggled with all kinds of conditions. These were people who had been told by their medical doctors there was nothing that could be done for them. Yet their conditions were either being eased or eliminated all together by having their bodies balanced and proper communication between the body and the brain stem restored. These were people who had suffered from fibromyalgia, migraines, epilepsy, ADD, hypertension, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ, some forms of arthritis and carpal tunnel, immune system disorders, herniated disks, numbness and tingling in the limbs, allergies and asthma, neck, back, arm and feet pain, sciatica and more, all of which were improving to some degree or another. Victims of accidents were being helped at a fraction of the time and expense as those undergoing traditional forms of rehabilitation. The procedure was not a cure-all by any means. However, it was surprising how much improvement was experienced by so many people with a variety of conditions that did not seem to have any apparent commonality.

Richard and Louella soon realized that if healthy children and adults would get under this care, countless problems could be avoided before they ever start. But people just didn’t know to do that. The Harrises didn't. In fact, when it finally dawned on the Harrises how fundamental this procedure was to overall health, they were appalled at their own ignorance and the ignorance of the general public. They had lived almost 40 years with absolutely no information about this at all.

It was obvious that at the age of 3 when Louella’s health problems first started, if someone had told Louella’s parents about this procedure, her whole life might have been different. When the Harrises grasped the fact that all that suffering might have been avoided, not just in her life, but in the lives of millions of others, they felt impelled to take a leap of faith, drop both their careers, and found the National Awareness Campaign for Upper Cervical Care. The N.A.C.U.C.C. is a non-profit consumer awareness organization dedicated to educating the public worldwide about this care.

During one of her interviews on CBS, Louella said, “This type of health care was available all the time I suffered. We just didn't know about it. It's one thing to hurt because nothing can be done. It's entirely another to suffer because of ignorance. That's tragic. There are millions of adults in pain right now because they've never heard of this. There are millions of children facing a lifetime of problems because their parents are unaware of the critical role the care of the brain stem area, plays in the future health of their child. There’s so much pain and it’s so unnecessary. It has to stop. The NACUCC is committed to reaching every man, woman and child with this information. When the public at large finally grasps how fundamental Upper Cervical health care is to the health of the entire body, it will change how we take care of ourselves and how we take care of our children.”

Research is showing that body imbalance and brain-to-body disruption of communication can cause or complicate all kinds of conditions. The previously mentioned conditions are listed not because this procedure cures any of them, but because it demonstrates that the body can heal itself in many different ways if it is given what it needs to heal. The conditions listed have been known to improve or be eliminated when different individuals have had their atlas and/or axis, (C1 and C2) corrected. This does not mean that these conditions will be eliminated in every person who has their Upper Cervical spine realigned. It does mean that if the condition is being caused or complicated by an atlas/axis being out of position, the condition is likely to improve or be eliminated once the bones are repositioned.

Please note that 2 people can be diagnosed with the same condition and after their atlas is corrected, the condition in one may be completely eliminated, while the same condition in the other person may improve only a little. Carpal tunnel is a good example of this. If the problem is actually in the wrist, then correcting the atlas may help the condition only minimally. If, on the other hand, the atlas is causing irritation in the nerves flowing down into the arm and into the wrist, the carpal tunnel is likely to improve remarkably. Note, however, that 99% of the people we have tested in our seminars around the country, have all been imbalanced with one short leg. Even the person who has carpal tunnel in the wrist from repeated use of the wrist and hands such as a typist or a factory worker, most likely has a misaligned atlas as well. Correcting the atlas and restoring brain-to-body communication and body balance will, at the very least, help them cope with their condition better.

When an Upper Cervical Spinal Correction is made, Body Balance is restored. Stress, tension and pressure from the area below the Brain Stem are removed. This reactivates the flow of healing messages from the brain to the affected part of the body and immediately, the self-healing process begins. It is imperative that you have your atlas examined. It’s role in overall health is so crucial, you need to at least rule out the possibility that a misaligned atlas is involved in your condition(s).

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