Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Kept Secret In Healthcare

By Dr. Travis J. Robertson


First off I would like to say that the concept of Healthcare itself is a secret to the world and to the U.S. in particular. What we have in this country is sick care or crisis care. The medical establishment is great at crisis care but they seem to know very little about health, how to regain it, and how to maintain it once you have it. They treat symptoms only. There is nothing wrong with that since that is the goal and they do an extremely good job at accomplishing their objective. So where do we turn for true health? Well, we need to know what health is first of all.

What Is Health?

Health is defined as optimal physical, social, and emotional well being and NOT merely the absence of symptoms. Health is about how well you function not about being merely free of symptoms. If we break that down into its’ most simplest terms health really is having balance in all aspects of our lives.

The Nervous System

In order to achieve and maintain this delicate state of balance we have to be equipped and ready to make changes and adapt as situations, both within us and outside of us, change. The system that makes these adaptations possible is the nervous system. The nerve system is an underappreciated part of our body. The nervous system’s job is to keep this beautiful symphony, called our bodies, sounding (functioning) as it was intended. Without it we are dead in an instant.


If the performing of this crucial task is interfered with the body as a whole will suffer. It may be the kidneys, or the liver, or the stomach, or the shoulder that suffers first. Actually you could put whatever organ or body part in there you want. If the brain is being prevented from communicating with that part that part will suffer whether you feel it or not. Remember, health is not how you feel. If someone has cancer and doesn’t know it and feels great they are still sick. If your nervous system is being interfered with and you don’t know it you are still sick.

Upper Cervical Care

So what does Upper Cervical Care have to do with that. Your spine’s purpose is to protect the nervous system and to serve as an anchor of attachment for general body movement. If the spine is not in proper alignment than not only can it cause aches and pains but many times it will also interfere with the job of protecting the nervous system. If the nerve system is no longer protected as it should be than it will be open to malfunction/imbalance which can lead to any symptom or disease known to man.

The Upper Cervical Objective

The goal of Upper Cervical Care (UCC) is not to treat any given condition. It is only the body that can heal and maintain health and vitality. In order to maximize this innate/inborn ability that we all possess we have to seek the right set of circumstances. In UCC we analyze the neck to determine the place of structural imbalance that is the cause of the nerve system interference. Once found we set out to correct that imbalance so that the body can fully express its’ ability to heal and be well. Do symptoms go away under UCC? Many times they do but it is because the body is now functioning more normally. Do diseases go away under UCC? Many times they can but again, it is because the body is functioning more normally. Because of the importance of the spine and nervous system to not only our health but to our very lives everyone deserves the chance to be their best through Upper Cervical Care.

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