How do I Learn More?

There are many resources available to you on this site. Clicking on much of what is on the left sidebar of this site will help. To learn more about Upper Cervical Care and view videos about the care, click on the UCC picture to the left. You can also click on the first link titled Upper Cervical Care...Learn More.

The next link on the left is a great website started by a patient for patients which is full of info about all the Upper Cervical approaches as well as an upper cervical doctor directory. After that we have a link to a site about a man and his plan to commit suicide and how that plan changed when he began upper cervical care. Next we have The Power of Upper Cervical website which again was put together by patients for patients and potential patients.

Following that is the Upper Cervical adocates site, an Upper Cervical awareness site, an Upper Cervical Doctor's blog and the last two are websites for current research on upper cervical care; The Journal of Upper Cervical Care Research the Upper Cervical Research Foundation to round out the rest of the links.

To search this site for a particular problem that you or someone you know may be having use the search box on the left to see if we have any posts regarding it. Below that you will find a place to subscribe to our site so that you will be notified when we post something new. Finally the Archive of Posts where you can see all of our previous posts.

That should pretty much do it. Clicking on the links within each post will take you to other sites as well as previous posts so that you can learn more also.

Drop me an email at if you have any questions or need any help. Enjoy and happy learning.
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