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What is "Sickness 2 Health" about?

Sickness 2 Health is about regaining and maintaining your health by turning common health knowledge upside down and inside out. There is a paradigm shift happening and people are looking to “do it yourself” healthcare more all the time for better health and, especially in today’s current economy, to save money. There are many books out there of course that address this and try to provide ideas and suggestions about what one should do to regain and maintain their health. This is not what Sickness 2 Health is about. Sickness 2 Health, while giving some action steps, has the primary intention of rattling and shattering your current world view in regards to health. From the smoldering ashes of these old outdated views we lift up a new perspective and premise to make health decisions from, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes.

Available as paperback here

Why is Sickness 2 Health different?

After reviewing many of the books in this genre it was found that even some of the big names in books on health, such as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, fail to fully address the underlying issue that prevents people from achieving abundant health. To give them credit where credit is due, they do a marvelous job painting a picture of the path that we would like to be on and their information is extremely helpful and motivational even maybe empowering and inspirational. Where they fall short is addressing the underlying worldview most people have been programmed to accept that can easily sabotage their efforts to help others. If a reader’s general perspective or fundamental views on health and life have not been rattled and reset their chances of failure go up. It needs admitting that “Sickness 2 Health” will, by no means, guarantee a person’s success, but make the point that by addressing the foundational thought process and world viewpoint in regards to life and health their odds of success will be greatly enhanced by comparison.

Chopra and Weil do touch on this concept in many of their books but never really come right out and address it head on. They tend to fall into the trap of “telling people what to do” to be healthy, giving them a step by step program, focusing on natural remedies to particular conditions or giving recipes for better meals. All of these things are great to include in any health book but again it draws attention away from the more basic issue that leads people to most of their health issues. Most people make their choices, health related included, based on their understanding of the world and how it and their bodies work. If this general worldview is less accurate than it could be they will most likely not achieve the level of health and the results they wish to. Finally while Chopra and Weil’s books are full of great information they include too much, once again, because they end up telling them the right “program” to follow and this results in a book that is long and potentially intimidating.

It would be hard to say for sure but it is likely that there are quite a few people that thought one of their books would be helpful but once they saw it they had second thoughts due to the length of the book. The reader’s hand certainly should not be held and everything made easy for them because people need to really want to get better in order to achieve it. Basically, if the point can get put across to the reader in fewer pages do it. It will increase the likelihood of more people picking up the book and purchasing it and actually reading it, maybe even reading all of it.

Sickness 2 Health (S2H) has been purposely kept short (under 190 pages) because there are plenty of books out there that go into great detail about “the things” that you can do to help your health. Many of these books by less well known authors do a great job and are shorter but these fail to even graze, even for a moment, on the subject that S2H address; the readers worldview and basis for their thought process and hence their choices. So S2H is not intended to replace these great works or any other health book that gives people a program to follow to get healthy and stay that way. S2H is intended to aid the reader, in a short power packed book, to reshape their own world lens and gain their health back in the process. In the long run this refined worldview of theirs will help any other book they may pick up regarding health to be that much more effective.

S2H is different from other books because of the three goals that Dr Robertson set out to accomplish. First of all, the goal to reach a wide audience, particularly those suffering from ill health and looking for a way out. Second, to reach them in a short enough format that will give them the most information with the least amount of reading. Finally, to shake the very foundation of their thought process because if that is successful the reader’s life can’t help but be changed in the process, and thus their choices and of course their health. If the source of a river is changed everything downstream will change, that is what S2H is set to accomplish and the world is in need of it now more than ever and they are looking, the timing is perfect.

Available as a paperback here

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Posted by Travis Robertson on Monday, December 7, 2015
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