Monday, September 17, 2012

Amazing What The Living Body Knows

In today’s world, there is a doctor or specialist for every part of your body. The best doctor ever created works to keep us healthy and alive 24 hours a day. It is inside of us and it is referred to as the innate intelligence. Regardless of your beliefs, it is self evident, and we could all agree that life is intelligent.  This intelligence within us…

■Draws the blueprint and organizes every living organ for your body
■Regulates, directs and controls the body all of the time
■Knows when something is wrong inside of you and how to fix it.
■Rebuilds all tissues, organs, muscles and bones
■Tells you when to sneeze, when to blow your nose, when to go bathroom, when to sweat and when to shiver
■Raises the skin into a blister when the skin is burned
■Heals a broken bone or cut on the skin
■Tells you when to blink your eyes
■Grows your toe nails, fingernails, and hair
■Beats your heart and puts air into your lungs
■Regulates your body temperature
■Tells you when you are tired, thirsty or hungry
■Gets any sick organ or part of the body well

This intelligence uses our nerve system to coordinate and maintain us in a living and hopefully optimally healthy state. If there is an interruption or disturbance to your body’s inborn wisdom, odds are you are Subluxated.

SUBLUXATION is a condition that occurs when the top two vertebrae in your spine misalign causing the messages from the brain to the body to become distorted due to the pressure placed upon the BrainstemLiving in this state, your body is breaking down and beginning to malfunction.  The longer you live in this state, the less of your potential your body will express.  Sickness and/or disease can result.

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