Sunday, May 29, 2011

Upper Cervical Care And The Sum Of The Parts

Adapted from "The Whole Is Equal to the Sum of Its Parts"
by Dr. Joseph Strauss

"The whole is equal to the sum of its parts", that is an axiom, a true statement. The problem is that it can only be easily understood with regard to mathematics and the hard sciences. When it comes to, say, something like the human body, it is a little more difficult to understand, primarily because we can only know some of the parts through our senses. There are parts of the body that are outside the realm of our knowledge, parts of the body that defy understanding in the empirical realm, that is, parts of the body that are not physical. How do you measure love? How do you quantify the will? How much does desire weigh? These are parts of a human being that we cannot measure, yet we know they exist. We know how much the “human” part of you weighs. You can step on a scale and we can measure it. But what about the “being” part of you? Can you measure that?

In upper cervical care we acknowledge an unseen, immeasurable, immaterial part of living things. We call it the innate intelligence. It is the principle of life… whether that life is in the form of a plant, an animal or a living person. While there are differences between plants, animals and human beings, the innate intelligence is the one thing that all living organisms have in common. With it, the organism grows, reproduces, assimilates food and most important, adapts.

How can we prove that if it cannot be measured? Well, we can use the most unscientific means of proving something. It’s called “common sense.” A dead animal or plant does not adapt. A live one does. You can call it whatever you want but innate intelligence is as good a name as any. It is the principle of life that when interfered with causes a degree of loss of life, somewhere between 1% and 100%.

The objective of the upper cervical doctor is to reduce, as completely as possible, the interference that is due to head/neck misalignment. We cannot do anything when that interference is 100%. But with anything less than that, the person would benefit from being under upper cervical care, regardless of what the manifestation of that lack of life is called or even if there is no physical manifestation of that absence. They may also need some other type of care. However, nothing but upper cervical care will reduce the interference in a systematic and repeatable way.

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