Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Didn't I Know About Upper Cervical Care?

Why didn't I know?

By Dr. Andy Gibson

Recently, an 8 year old little girl came into our office with the following list of health issues: chronic ear infections, nosebleeds, constipation and restlessness. She didn't eat very well or often. From the outside, she looked like a "normal" little girl. But underneath the surface, she was very sick and heading for a lifetime of health issues. When I explained to her grandma about the upper neck bone, the atlas, being subluxated, or out of its proper alignment with the skull, she was a little confused. She wondered how it may have gotten that way. After some investigative work, it was determined there was a strong correlation with the forceps-assisted delivery and her current status of health. HOW? Simple. During a "normal birth, the neck of the infant is stretched and twisted upwards of 2x the normal length. Now with the use of forceps, that force is substantially increased. The bottom line: Little "Kayla" was subluxated from day one. And for the next 8 years, her little body fought to keep her healthy. At age 1, it was colic. Age 2, the ear infections began. Age 4-7, the nosebleeds and constipation set in.

Two weeks have passed since her 1st upper cervical adjustment. "kayla" has been adjusted 2 times. In just over 14 days, she has no more nosebleeds, eats like a horse (remember it was a chore for her to eat most anything), has been to the bathroom numerous times per day and is finally sleeping through the night. As for the earaches, her grandma reports that all is well. Time will tell the rest of the story but for now, there are two parents, one grandma and a little girl whose lives have all just changed through the power of an upper cervical adjustment. At the end of the visit, the grandma asked the question we hear almost daily: "Why didn't I know about Upper Cervical?" Now you do.

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