Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Headaches, Pain, Pregnancy and Upper Cervical Care

Relief from Headaches during Pregnancy + Better Function too

by Jason Blackketter

When she came into our office she was 18 weeks pregnant and had a history of difficult pregnancies, including 6 miscarriages. Her 2 and 1/2 year old son was born 1 month premature.

She was referred in for headaches by another client of ours. After just one specific upper cervical adjustment (and in just two short weeks) her body has begun healing dramatically & functioning better.

[Note: her results are not typical because most people are unwilling to try something new & different. Thankfully this client was willing to get help and try something new (she'd never been to an [upper cervical] Chiropractor before) so her results were different.]

Prior to care, our new client examination and her subjective concerns revealed the following:

–headaches every day, sometimes migraines, wondered if it was hormonal…

–pain and tightness in the right hip, low back, and sacroiliac joints

–stiff, tight, sore muscles in the neck with multiple tender spots

–reduced cervical range of motion (ROM)

–diminished sensation and motor strength in arms & hands

–paraspinal temperature imbalance from infrared Tytron nerve function scan

After the 1st adjustment in our initial program of upper cervical specific care she reported these functional changes:

–fewer and less intense headaches (only in the morning every other day instead of daily)

–NO more pain or tightness in the neck
–reduced pain in her hip and low back, although sacroiliac joints were still tender to the touch

–NO more acid reflux or heartburn (a common occurrence with nearly every meal during all of her pregnancies, but a symptom she had not mentioned during our initial consultation)

–paraspinal thermography balancing, showing better neurological brain-to-body connection

After 2 and 1/2 weeks under care she reported and we observed these results:

–NO more Headaches

–NO more pain or tightness in the neck, hip, low back, or sacroiliac joints

–a new sense of better balance and function in pelvis

–right hip feels more aligned

–improved digestion (NO more acid reflux or heartburn)

–normal ROM in cervical spine

–paraspinal temperature scans adaptive and balanced

–TMJ region feeling better, no more pain or tightness in her jaw, and it seems to work better when eating (TMJ disorder with jaw pain and dysfunction was another symptom not discovered in consultation)

–she said “I feel like everything is lined up and working better.”

–she also thanked me for encouraging her to drink more water (something she knew was good for her, but wasn’t doing regularly)

–and she noticed she’d been sleeping better and more comfortably

So, do you think her 20 week old baby developing inside is benefiting from Mommy’s better function?

Is it possible the baby will be stronger & healthier now too?

She is absolutely thrilled with the improved function since beginning her care (not to mention that she’s feeling a lot better too after the pain relief). Her friends and family members are hearing her story and noticing the changes as well.

In my opinion, every expecting mother owes it to her baby and future generations to get checked (and adjusted if necessary) to ensure her body is performing at its very best!

Thanks to Dr. Jerry Kennedy of Belleville, IL and Dr. Brandon Harshe of Dallas, TX for sharing the video and blog post about Pregnancy and Headaches relieved through Specific Upper Cervical Spinal Care.

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  1. That is true that it is a period of rest and care and it is very essential that you read the small signals of the busy and report them to your doctor.


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