Monday, November 15, 2010

Can Upper Cervical Care Help Headaches?

(Editor's Note: Today's post comes from Dr. Michael Frias click here to visit his site.)

By: Dr. Michael Frias

Migraines, tension, cluster, and sinus headaches are some of the most common symptoms people suffer from everyday but they don’t realize that the cause may be due to an upper cervical spinal bone in the neck. Multiple muscles are attached to the vertebral spinal bones and this is what allows it to move, twist, and turn.

When there is a vertebral spinal bone in the upper neck (usually the atlas or cervical 1) that is misaligned and causing consistent nerve interference, muscles can tighten and pull on one or both sides of the neck and head causing excruciating pain to develop. Using multiple therapies or taking all different types of medications just may temporally relieve the pain but it does not take care of the main cause. A specific (upper cervical correction) unlocks the misaligned vertebral spinal bone, relieves interference on the spinal cord and nerves, removes tension from the head and neck muscles and restores back balance to the body, often times relieving individuals from their headaches. But the primary objective of upper cervical care is to remove true consistent nerve pressure and by doing that allows the nervous system to become healthy once again.

Upper cervical care requires no twisting or jerking motion of the neck. The (correction) is very specific and it is exceptionally safe. If you are suffering from any type of headaches or health ailment you might want to try upper cervical care. It just may help.

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