Thursday, October 14, 2010

Upper Cervical Care Stories Of Healing: Part 1

It's our 200th post and I wanted to share some amazing patient stories over the next few days, many of which are from Dr. Margaret Banitch in Montclair, New Jersey / Blair upper cervical doctor.

(Editors Note: Please remember that upper cervical doctors do not treat any condition or disease. They are simply removing an obstruction to the body healing on its own. When this is accomplished and it stays that way the wisdom of the body can do amazing things)

Denise's Story

I am a 35 year old female. I started to get head and facial pain in 1994. It seemed to come out of nowhere, although I had been in a car accident two years prior to this. I initially went to a dentist who insisted that I wear a nightguard on my teeth, thinking that the facial pain must he from grinding my teeth. I was also being treated by a chiropractor at the time, but there was no improvement to my condition.

My next visit was to a dental specialist who claimed my jaw was misaligned and that I had T.M.J. He fitted me with another mouthpiece, with no improvement, so eventually he put me under anesthesia and manually manipulated my jaw until it popped, hoping this would realign my jaw and fix the problem, but again after the pain of the procedure subsided, I was left in constant pain, mostly to the right side of my face and head. I was so depressed that I decided to go to a neurologist. After reviewing the results of my MRI, he felt my problems were emanating from my neck and recommended that I go to a pain center to receive Novocain injections. I still had little relief.

In 1997 my mother found a chiropractor who practiced the "Blair Technique", and specialized in upper cervical care. I had nothing to lose, so I went to see him. Within my first week of treatments I began to see real results and within a few months I was back to feeling normal for the first time in years. I could finally start to live a normal life again. I continued treatment with this doctor until he moved to California in 1999. I then went under the care of a chiropractor who had been training on the Blair Technique for about a year, but was more of a conventional chiropractor, rather than an upper cervical specialist. Within a few months I was back to where I started and it only seemed to be getting worse.

My husband and I began to search the Internet for chiropractors who specialized in the Blair Technique of upper cervical care and found Dr. Margaret Banitch in Montclair, New Jersey. She not only practiced this technique, but was also a trainer/teacher of this method to other chiropractors. We were very optimistic and traveled the hour to see Dr. Margaret for a consultation. We felt very comfortable and confident in Dr. Margaret's treatment and began care for our whole family after that first visit. Within the first few days I started to feel great and by the end of the first month the pain was completely gone. Most times when I'm out of alignment I don't even know it, because I have no pain. On the occasions that I do feel discomfort I know it's just a matter of being adjusted to feel better.

Dr. Margaret Banitch is my hero, I really count my blessings that I have found her. My husband and our two children are under Dr. Margaret's care with fantastic results. We believe strongly in the Blair Upper Cervical Technique and recommend Dr. Margaret to everyone. We continue to go for regular checkups to stay healthy.

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