Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hard Times But Happy Thoughts

I know it seems like the world is falling apart. To varying degrees we have all had to deal with painful emotions--anger, grief, frustration, and fear nowadays. Add to that the ever present threat of war, collapse of the economy, global warming and peak oil and it can become very challenging to find value and meaning in our existence. If any good is to come from these and similar events, it will be because individual people, like yourself, make a conscientious decision to bring more of what is positive and loving to the world. What follows is a list of some simple things that you might do to make such a difference in your life and in our world.

 Give more attention to your relationships. Don’t let your spouse or your children go to sleep or leave the house without kissing them good-bye. Call your parents and tell them you love them.

 Do good things for your health. You would be amazed what good food, lots of water and plenty of rest will do for your attitude let alone your body.

 Enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The sounds of crickets at night, the smell of freshly laundered linen, the tiny toes on an infant’s foot, all help us feel more connected to the world around us.

 Connect with people. Getting together with current friends or looking up long-lost ones is a great way to relieve stress and renew your faith in mankind.

 Make someone else’s day. Do an unexpected favor or take the time to encourage someone in need.

 Get personal. Anyone can e-mail you (not to mention everyone else on their list at the same time), but a phone call, card or handwritten note shows you’ve really taken the time to acknowledge someone.

 Volunteer your time and talent. Plenty of organizations could use your assistance and as a special bonus you’ll feel good about yourself.

 Stop putting off the things you’d really like to do. Why not write that children’s story that’s been in your head all these years or hike that trail you’ve always wanted to see.

 Enrich your mind. Take a night class in a subject that has nothing to do with your job, read a good book, or learn a new language.

 Make mealtimes mindful. Stop everything when you’re about to eat, including driving, and focus or what you’re about to enjoy and allow it to nourish you.

 Pray or meditate. Estimates suggest that over 85% of Americans believe in a higher power. Now would be an excellent time to open up the communication lines.

 Find an activity you like to do just for fun—not to get your 30 min of exercise or to lower your cholesterol—something just for fun. Ride a bike, fly a kite, dance to your favorite music, or just splash around in some water.

 Grow something. Whether it’s a vegetable garden, some household plants, or a puppy, the miracle of life will astound you.

 Venture out into nature. Look at the stars, get caught in the rain, enjoy the beauty of flowers, watch whatever wild life happens by or just feel the sun shine on your back.

 Find humor in something everyday. Whether its from an e-mail joke-a-day service, a greeting card or a good movie, laughter does wonderful things for people.

 Have upper cervical care check-ups periodically. Not only is it more likely that you will have interference in the nerve system during stressful times, but ensuring that your nerve system is free of interference is the only way your body can achieve optimum function in good times and bad.

 Breathe deeply. Whenever we are angry, frightened, in pain or under stress in general our breath tends to get fast and shallow. There is nothing like a good long deep breath to calm us down and energize us. Take one right now.

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