Monday, August 30, 2010

The "Perfect" Diet And Upper Cervical Care

“For every illness, there is a country where it simply does not exists.”

This quote, from a direct mail promotional advertisement, is designed to get you to subscribe to a publication that claims to give you the secrets to preventing cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other diseases. They suggest that a natural diet which includes certain substances is responsible for the absence of certain diseases in certain countries. They further suggest that if you take these substances in supplemental form, you will not get these diseases either. There are a number of interesting aspects to this theory. First, independent of diet, people in these countries do not live to advanced age. In fact, they die at just about the same age as people in other countries, just not from these diseases. For example, countries with low mortality rates due to breast cancer have high rates due to bowel cancer or something else. It appears that people in these countries are not any healthier, they just suffer from different diseases.

This bit of information tells us that clearly there are a variety of factors involved in the development of any disease. Eskimos do not ordinarily die from cancers, but they do have an increased incidence of cardiovascular problems. Island populations that do not eat a lot of red meat do not have cholesterol-related conditions, but they often have stomach and bowel cancer from the high fish and seafood diets. The point is that there is no perfect diet just as there is no perfect environment. All have certain advantages and all have certain drawbacks.

This is not to suggest that what you eat is not important. Quite the contrary, everything that you eat is important. Likewise everything you do or do not do has an effect on your health and your longevity. Where you live and how you adapt to where you live are certainly significant factors in your health. Hereditary factors are also important, as is your ability to handle stress. So what is not important? Everything is important. There are literally hundreds of factors and causes. So the next time someone says they have the answer to disease, realize that they may or may not have an answer but they surely do not have the answer. Supplying a nutrient that is lacking in your diet may be an answer to one thing, the lack of that substance, but it is not the answer to all or any disease.

That is one of the great things about upper cervical care. We do not claim to have the cure for all or any disease or even the answer for back problems. We do, however, have the answer to one problem, an interference in the nerve system due to head/neck misalignment which deprives the body of working at its maximum potential in all areas. Upper cervical care is not a substitution for medicine, nutrition, exercise or anything else. It is one thing, only one thing, but this one thing can play a large role in you reaching your potential in every area of life.

We must also realize that since there are so many factors in health and in freedom from disease, it behooves us to focus on what we should be doing for our health rather than trying to prevent the thousands of diseases. No country is free from all disease. If there was such a country, it would be the most crowded spot on earth. Fortunately or unfortunately, the major cause of disease is not within the environment but within the individual and his or her ability to live in and adapt to the unique environment of that country. If you want to take supplements that is up to you, but realize that only addresses one factor relating to your health. Of course, ideally you would develop good enough eating habits that you would not require supplements and you would do a variety of other things necessary for good health and a productive life. Some of these things might include regular exercise, appropriate amounts of rest and a good mental attitude and by all means have your spine and nerve system checked periodically by an upper cervical doctor.

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