Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sharks, Tumors And Upper Cervical Care

One of the “breakthroughs” a while back in the war against disease is the use of shark cartilage as a treatment for cancer. That’s right! The cartilage of “Jaws” ground up into a powder or taken in liquid form is considered to be an effective treatment for certain tumors. Research has demonstrated that some tumors upon reaching a specific size will begin to secrete a chemical called “tumor angiogenesis factor” (TAF). This chemical causes blood vessels to form, which feed the tumor, which in turn grows, spreads and becomes lethal. If the blood vessels are not formed because the chemical is not produced, the tumor is benign. The tumor needs the nutrients that the blood supplies in order to grow. Here is where the shark comes in. Research indicates that shark cartilage inhibits the production of this chemical. Apparently, sharks have almost no incidence of cancer and, of course, their body structures are primarily cartilage.

As usual, the DT’s (Disease Treaters’) idea sounds good at first but then raises a number of questions. Is shark cartilage dangerous? Apparently the FDA has classified it as a food so its use is not regulated. Does it offer a cure or is it temporary? It seems that when the treatment was cut back in research animals that had cancer, tumors began to grow again. But more important than the questions, which have been raised, is the fact that the disease-treating approach continues to take us in the wrong direction. Does it really make sense that mankind has been plagued with what is perhaps the most horrible of all diseases and that the cure has been hidden in the cartilage of what is perhaps the most horrible of all creatures, not to be found until the 90’s? I do not think so! Like every disease with which mankind suffers, the cure is not found in the depths of the ocean but in man himself. The ability to get well must come from within. Shark cartilage may inhibit the growth of a tumor but the body must restore proper function. It may be another effective treatment of a particular disease but it has little to do with health.

The real benefit of the research into shark cartilage is that it reinforces the correctness of the inside-out approach to health. While it may have been proven that the tumor produces TAF, which enables it to grow, apparently most people’s bodies produce a chemical that neutralizes the TAF, at least up to a certain age. This indicates that the body does have the wherewithal to fight off potentially cancerous tumors before they can take hold. If the chemistry of the body is functioning as it should, cancer is not a fear. Rather than trying to find drugs or shark cartilage to change body chemistry in order to fight cancer, it would seem to be more sensible to keep your body’s chemistry working as perfectly as possible and thereby increase your potential to stay healthy. If we can do that, our incidence of cancer is bound to decrease and we can leave the sharks in the sea where they belong.

Maintaining head/neck alignment and brain to body communication with periodic upper cervical care promotes a healthier body physically, chemically, emotionally and intellectually.

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