Friday, April 30, 2010

Being Envious Of Bottled Water?

It seems that no matter where you go today, you see someone carrying around a bottle of spring water. These bottles can be purchased practically anywhere. In fact, millions of homes have five-gallon bottles of spring water delivered to their doors each month. Supermarkets sell gallon jugs and some actually have coin-operated dispensers outside the store where people can fill up their own containers. Many homeowners purchase expensive and sophisticated water distillers that supposedly make impure water drinkable. Millions of homes have expensive water filters installed on their kitchen and bathroom sinks. All of this to drink water which you can get out of any faucet in your own home, water that the municipality charges you pennies to buy and supposedly to make drinkable. It is practically free compared to bottled water. What is going on? Do we not trust our municipalities or do we believe that in spite of what they are doing, our community water is not safe? It seems that if drinking bottled water is a fad, it is a rather expensive one. It is a billion-dollar industry!

I believe that most people really do not think about the quality of their public water source. They just believe that pure bottled water, spring water or distilled water is better for them than what comes from the spigot on the kitchen sink. And do you know what? They are probably right. As an upper cervical doctor, I have to admit that I am a little jealous of the “pure water” industry and a little annoyed at the public at large. Those who advocate drinking bottled, spring or distilled water make no claims that it prevents disease, cures disease or even makes you healthier. There are very few regulations to insure that you are even getting pure water. No one claims your life will be improved. No one claims that drinking pure water will cure disease. In fact, no one really makes any claims whatsoever. However, they have told us that drinking pure water is better than drinking water with chemicals in it. They have convinced millions of people, myself included, with very little advertising and in a very subtle way. I am somewhat envious of what they have achieved.

I am also annoyed as an upper cervical doctor. Upper cervical care has so much to offer humanity and we have not made nearly the impact upon society that the bottled water industry has made. By being under periodic upper cervical care, I can truthfully say that you will be healthier, express more of your inborn potential and have a more productive life than without it. Like the bottled water merchants, we do not make extraordinary claims. Just that if you have head/neck misalignment corrected when present, you will have less nerve interference and your body will work better. People do not wait until they are sick to drink pure water, yet most people may wait until they have a physical problem to go to an upper cervical doctor. I just do not understand. Drinking pure water is important. Whether you are sick, healthy, young or old, it is good for you. Your body is 85% water; you should be putting the best quality water into it. But your body is 100% dependent upon your nerve system, even the assimilation, purification, utilization and elimination of water depends upon the function of your nerve system, yet very few people ever give a thought to whether their nerve system is functioning at its maximum. I drink pure water. But to me it is not nearly as important as having my upper neck checked periodically by an upper cervical doctor. Next time you drink water from a tap or from a bottle, think about whether your nerve system is free of interference.

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