Monday, January 25, 2010

A Patient's Support and The Power of Upper Cervical

The post below is a portion of a post by Julie who is an extremely passionate advocate for Upper Cervical Care. I have put a link to her blog on the side bar also. It is great to have her as an advocate. Thanks for your passion, support and desire to share your experience with others Julie!

The Power of Upper Cervical (the movie)

by Julie

I just finished watching the movie The Power of Upper Cervical.

Wow. Absolutely incredible. And what a flurry of emotions I'm having. I think the ones I'm stuck one at the moment are confusion and frustration because:

1) Why did it take so long for me to even know that Upper Cervical even existed? And there's a movie about it? I almost screwed up my life by coming close to having a barbaric surgery (I'm talking days away) that would have ruined my life forever that never would have fixed my problem in the first place.

2) How do I tell everyone I know about Upper Cervical and encourage them to go get checked without coming across like a pushy nut job?

Here is the link to her blog and the rest of her post.

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