Friday, January 22, 2010

Choose Quality, Choose Upper Cervical Care


By Dr. Ben Lerner

In our modern American world, quality is the last thing on (most) people's mind. Here are some examples:

Insurance: People buy the cheapest possible or the free policy that their workplace offers, all the while expecting cheap insurance to provide quality coverage.

Health Care: Rather than going to the highest quality doctor with the best reputation and the most training and expertise, people go to the guy they find on the list because it's a lower deductible and co-pay.

Food: The most popular food in the world is not known for taste, nutritional value, or its quality, instead it's known for its speed. It's called "Fast food."

Home supplies: Today's appliances, furniture, electronics, clothing, etc. are purchased from large discount stores. All bought for the convenience and low price, not quality.

The result of a “faster and/or cheaper is better” mentality is: You spend 25% more in the long run because you have to buy it twice. Even worse, you live a 25% shorter life with 50% less quality. Quality and not price alone should be the priority, particularly when it comes to your health.

After more than 20 years in the wellness world, I've found little benefit or even a cost savings to being frugal with your health. People buy cheap vitamins and avoid health food stores thinking they're saving money. However, the vitamins don't work and don't get used, the food they're eating lacks safety and nutrients, and they spend even more money eating out because they don't like the food at home. Anything they thought they saved got spent on doctors and medications because they are unhealthy.

I see it in Chiropractic (and especially in Upper Cervical Care) every day. Someone chooses a doctor on an HMO (or with the biggest "deal" or yellow page ad) thinking they’re saving money, yet often get poor quality and insufficient care leading to more pain and illness, lost work days, and the need for greater, more invasive, more expensive care later. I came from a home that always bought the cheap sneakers, electronics, etc. They all wore out or were broken quickly so we ended up buying the cheap ones again. When those products also faded quickly, we then finally bought the good ones, now paying twice as much as the quality product would have cost us in the first place! In most cases, cheaper is not only never better, it usually ends up costing you in many ways. When it comes to your health, it ends up really costing you.

Choose quality when it comes to your health, it's not only better–you’re worth it!

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