Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Thoughts And Upper Cervical Care

Adapted from: "It's Up To You"
author unknown

I wake up sometimes feeling like a part of the "rat race" and then I think to myself, "I am who I think I am." I know that sounds strange, but it is so true. Many clients that come to my office have the diagnosed mentality. They have been told that they possess some sort of illness/disease and that the body is failing them. Usually until the day they die, they will hold in their possession their title (diagnosis) forever. Just the other day a client of mine had asked me if they still had high blood pressure. They stated that they have been with me for about 1 1/2 years now and six months into their care, they had stopped using their medication. Their blood pressure has remained in normal levels, but they were still holding on to the diagnosis for the past year. Does that person still have high blood pressure?

Why are we so afraid of letting go? Why not have the thought that if my body can degenerate, it can also regenerate? Our body reacts to our thoughts. For instance, if we were in a car and all of the sudden the car in front of us slammed on the brakes, we would also slam on the brakes to keep from hitting the car. You never did hit the car, but your body goes through a state of shock. You break out into a sweat, your eyes dialate and your heart races. Your body reacted to a thought that you had. Just like worrying about something that hasn't occurred. Your stomach begins to make an excess of acid and now you have an ulcer. You didn't tell your stomach to do that; it just reacted to your thought.

So, what thoughts are you having everyday? Are they constructive? Worry free? And, what do your thoughts have to do with Upper Cervical Care? Thoughts travel through the body as impulses that begin in our brain and end up within our organs. Your nerve system resides within your spine and if something were to be wrong with your spine (head/neck misalignment) then, your thoughts will be misconstrued. From anxiety to confidence, peace to chaos, your body's thought process is dependent upon how well your spine is functioning.

First and foremost, wake up with the thought of abundance. Remember that you lack nothing and the only reason you don't have what you want in life is because you are thinking out of scarcity. What you think about, you will bring about. Think good--you get good. Therefore; think bad, guess what... you get bad.

Secondly, make sure that you are getting your spine checked. Having your spine functioning correctly allows the body to function at its optimum. Developing into an illness/disease is like gaining weight... it takes time. One doesn't gain weight overnight, therefore; you didn't get a sickness/disease overnight either. If it takes time for the body to build itself sick, you must allow it to build itself well again. The process is sped up dramatically by a constructive healthy thought and an optimum functioning spine.

So what are you thinking about? How well is your spine functioning? Get your spine checked and, if needed, get an upper cervical correction and think good things! Have an abundant day!!!

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