Friday, December 18, 2009

Can Upper Cervical Care Stop The Endless River?

Adapted from: The Endless River
Author Unknown

From its inception, our "health" care system has been an allopathic philosophy. Allopathy can be described as the practice of treating diseases and/or conditions. The bottom line is, you don't seek care if nothing is wrong. And if you do go when nothing is wrong, the purpose is to find something that is wrong so it may be treated. This is the limitation of allopathy--it does not serve people until they are in crisis.

Consider this analogy. If you had spent your whole life in a rescue squad pulling thousands of drowning people out of a river, would you not eventually wonder why they were in the river to begin with? Our system has spent centuries attempting to save the lives of millions who are sick and dying, but has never gone to the head of the river to discover how the people were falling in. This is why treating conditions, while necessary at times, is not the only answer. Treating anything is reactive. Pathologists have proven that symptoms are the last stage of the disease process. By the time you are getting stomach pains, neck pain, dizziness or any symptom, your body has existed at a sub-par level for some time already.

Upper Cervical Care exists as one of the only non-allopathic licensed health care professions in the world today. We don't go to the Upper Cervical Doctor when we have a bad back, sore throat or broken toe nail. We go to the Upper Cervical Doctor for one reason, to keep the nervous system un-interfered with because a properly functioning body keeps us out of the river and delivers an exceptional experience of life and health. If you really feel that your body is important to your existence, you will find that Upper Cervical Care is a refreshing and necessary addition to your health regimen. Upper Cervical Care is a life-supporting measure that is proactive and can be utilized for as long as life itself exists.

So what do you think? Can Upper Cervical Care, by helping the body function at its best, stop, or at least decrease, the number of individuals falling into the endless river of a health crisis? I think it is safe to say that it would be a drastic improvement to a system that is, itself, in a health crisis.

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