Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is Health?

Let's work this one out logically:

The definition of health is, "optimal physical, social, and emotional well being not merely the absence of disease or symptoms.” Obviously, health has little to do with symptoms and a great deal to do with how well you function. Health is optimal function. Health is the body function exactly as it should.

So how do you know if you are healthy?

Well, you have to have some way of determining if you are functioning optimally or not.

What System within us coordinates and regulates ALL functioning of the body?

The Brain and Nerve System

So, if the function of the nerve system is interfered with is that a good thing or a bad thing?

A bad thing.

Would you want to have this interference to proper body function removed as soon as it occurs or when it gets so bad that you have pain or are very sick?

Hopefully you said as soon as it happens.

If we could determine the functional state of the nerve system do you think it would be a valuable tool in determining if you are truly healthy?


Such tools and tests do exist and we use them in Upper Cervical Care. But, remember the functional state of your nerve system, your health, is not measured by symptoms so you can’t “feel” the interference any more than you can “feel” you have high cholesterol. You are tested and then told whether it is present or not.

We test for, and if present, remove the interference so that normal function resumes (a.k.a. health).

So who do you think should be checked for interference and when?

Everyone and as soon as possible!

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