Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do Upper Cervical Doctors Do?

There are several ways to explain what Upper Cervical Doctors do. Here are a few. See if you can pick out the common theme and what is missing.

If I were explaining it to a Neurologist/Neurosurgeon:

We address aberrant upper cervical arthokinematics resulting in global neuropathophysiology due to dysafferentation of the monosynaptic input of the primary rami of C1-C3 as they synapse with the vestibular nucleus, the cerebellum, and the trigeminal-cervical nucleus, all of which controls body position and balance as well as going on to a final synapse with the hypothalamus that controls the sympathetic aspect of your autonomic nervous system.

(Thanks goes to Dr. Jack Stockwell for that one)

If I were explaining it to a family doctor or a well educated individual:

The Upper Cervical Doctor provides health care that corrects upper neck injuries in order to improve structural balance and help restore neurological integrity to enable the patient to heal and have improved long-term functional outcomes.

(Thank you Dr. Kirk Eriksen)

If I were explaining it to the average person on the street:

I would say that we restore head/neck alignment to reduce interference in the nervous system so that the body can restore and maintain health.

And finally the real simple version ( a version of what your mother always told you):

We get your head on straight so your body works right.

So take your pick and make sure that you are always talking at your audience's level of understanding. Good advice from Dr. Daniel Clark.

The common theme was that they all refer to correcting something in the upper neck in order to allow the body to function more properly. What was missing? Never once in any of the descriptions of what Upper Cervical Doctors do was there mention of treating or curing a particular disease or condition. Instead we can come to the realization that Upper Cervical Doctors are simply reducing/removing a roadblock to the bodies own healing. Any doctor does not heal, only the living body can do that and all we can do as "healers", regardless of our profession of choice, is aid in the removing of some obstacle to that natural process we call health and healing. Upper Cervical Doctors have known this since their beginning and have devised a practical and scientific way of doing just that and that is why we seem to succeed where others have failed. We do not turn the power (of life) on as some people say because if the power were off we would be dead, we simply Free It Up!

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