Friday, October 16, 2009

Anecdotal Evidence


Since I have been under upper cervical care I have noticed my posture is getting better, my allergies are less severe and I get fewer migraines. – Sarah

Since receiving care I have noticed many changes in my body and mind. My back pain is gone, I handle stress much better. I rarely get any headaches. My biggest change has been in my concentration. I drag race and I believe upper cervical care is giving me an edge on my competition. I am more focused than ever before. I am having one of my most successful years ever. Thank you so much. – Jarod

Before starting upper cervical care I was having digestion problems, after my first alignment I was regulated! I also was having issues with my cervix for a year my tests would show a low grade 4th stage cancer on and surrounding my cervix. After receiving upper cervical care my test came back negative. Upper cervical care makes me feel energetic and balanced. – Kylie

Feel much better overall – headaches gone, able to go (comfortably) without left heel lift, pain in knees (had two surgeries) gone for the most part. Occasionally left and right hands still fall asleep, starting at the elbow and wrist. – David

I have always had neck problems, waking up and having to crack my neck. I have noticed a huge difference after be under upper cervical care. I have less neck pain and it cracks less. I do feel more relaxed after every appointment. Some has to do with the 15 minutes of dark/quiet time that I necessarily wouldn’t get otherwise. – Heidi

I was pregnant with my 2nd child and started having problems walking. I couldn’t get my right leg to rotate properly and this caused me to fall. I got under upper cervical care after getting no relief from 2 other Chiropractors, one of whom I had gone to for 3+ years! The doctor explained upper cervical care and then “adjusted” me. Okay it wasn’t like any other “adjustment” I had previously. It’s more like it gave my body “cues” for alignment. I was never uncomfortable and there was a noticeable improvement in my mobility. I continued care and continue to see improvement. After my son was born, I brought him and my daughter in and we now visit periodically for check-ups. The visits are fun! Can you say that about your doctor? I trust the doctor with not only my health and life but with the health and life of my 2 beautiful children. – Barbara

Since I have been under upper cervical care I have had less back, neck and shoulder pain. I was taking Zomig on a regular basis for migraines and now very seldom use it. I also broke my ankle in 3 places in December 2004 and had knee surgery in April 2005. Walking normal again has been difficult, but the care has helped me with that also. Keeping my body in alignment is so important for all my general health. Thank you for caring about me and how I feel and for my future health. – Kathy

I have been experiencing increasing back pain for several years. I am not a person who uses medication, but the past three years, I have had to use extra strength Tylenol to get through the days (3x/week). I have received massage therapy and tried to increase my exercise (which helped a little). Recently, however, exercise was not relieving my back pain. My posture was getting worse – I could tell I was leaning forward just a little. Since I came under upper cervical care my back pain is significantly better. I feel as if I have more energy; I can exercise freely again and I am back to living life without the use of Tylenol. One side benefit is that even though I only use stairs to get to my destinations, recently my knees were beginning to hurt – Now I walk up and down stairs without pain. I have only been under care for 6 weeks! – Sharon

Before I was under upper cervical care I had suffered from migraines and back pain. Since starting care I have not had any migraines or back pain. Occasionally I will get a headache but that is much easier for me to treat than a migraine. I can only take Tylenol, due to being on Coumadin, and Tylenol doesn’t do much for me. I am a single parent and I need to feel my best at all times. Upper cervical care has given me that reassurance, in that the last few months I have felt great. I would recommend this type of care to anybody that wanted to lessen their amount of pain that they were experiencing. This type of care may not eliminate the pain 100%, but it will more than likely decrease the amount of pain you are suffering. The doctor is not only a wonderful doctor, but a fun person to talk with and joke around with! There is always new information to read up on at every visit. I am very pleased with the results that I have received under upper cervical care! – Kelly

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