Thursday, January 22, 2015

Profound Yet Simple

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by Earl W. Powell, Ph.D.

Many of the most profound ideas in life are really very simple and many of the most simple things in life are really very profound. For instance, the basic ideas of many religions can often be stated simply, but they are ideas that have been profound enough to change the course of millions of lives, and indeed, the course of history.

Simple ideas, or what is afterwards thought of as simple, often come through long study and research -- painstaking trial and error until at last the truth is found. Then upon this truth is built a great and lasting contribution of vital concern, sometimes to all mankind.

Much of the simple truth of chiropractic has come this way. Dedicated men and women searching for answers without closed minds, accumulating knowledge dating back even to the father of health philosophy, Hippocrates.

What is this simple idea that now benefits the health of millions people around the world? It is simply that the nerve system is the "message-carrier" of good health to every part of your body. When there is an interference with the messages to and from the brain, in the nerve system, ill-health will result.

There is no more perfectly ordered mechanism in all of creation than the living body. All that is essential to the maintenance of good health is contained WITHIN us and, so long as the life forces commanded by our innate intelligence are permitted to flow freely through the nerve system good health is the inevitable result. Because of the great wealth of knowledge developed over the years, chiropractors today can find nerve interference with greater ease and adjust the spine with greater accuracy to open "nerve contact" and let the message of good health get through.

The profound wish for good health can most often be fulfilled with the simple truth of chiropractic.

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