Friday, May 16, 2014

How Strong is Your Signal?

Signal Strength, Upper Cervical Care, Dr. Adam Tanase

By Dr. Adam Tanase

Most people are familiar with the concept of “bars” that identify the strength of a cell phone signal. When I used to be a Sprint customer, I could be in the same room with another Sprint customer who had the same phone as me, but we’d have different signal strengths. It was puzzling because one would have a full signal, and the other was struggling to maintain just one bar.

Similar to how your cell phone won’t work properly without a strong signal, your body depends on a strong signal between the brain and body via the nervous system.

Upper Cervical chiropractors use a technology called Computerized Infrared Thermography, or CIT for short, that primarily evaluates this “signal” balance between the brain and both sides of the body. It’s comparable to the “bars” on your cell phone.

Muscles, tissues and cells within the right half of the body should be receiving the same quality of nerve signals as the left half of the body. Lopsided “signal strength” favoring one half over the other suggests an imbalance in body function and performance.

One of the advantages of receiving Upper Cervical Care is that after the doctor makes an atlas-correction, we’re able to remeasure your body’s communication signal, and confirm that balance was restored. So there’s no guesswork involved… patients are able to see their improvement.

(Editor's note: Remember the objective of upper cervical care is to correct head neck misalignment that is interfering with proper brain to body communication. When this is corrected the body functions at a higher level and can often correct other problems more efficiently on its own. Please do not confuse upper cervical care as a treatment for any condition, disease or symptom.)

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