Friday, March 14, 2014

Upper Cervical Care, Classic Cars and Restoration

upper cervcial care, classic cars, restoration, health
The original article appeared as a chiropractic is… guest blog

Adapted from "Chiropractic Is" by Keith Wassung
If I had to describe the primary purpose of Upper Cervical Care (UCC), I would have to say that UCC is restoration.

Billions of dollars are spent each year to restore priceless works of art, antiques, rare firearms, valuable toys and homes. The restoration craftsmen are considered some of the best artisans in the world. When undertaking a project, their purpose is to not add or change a single thing it’s not to try to improve on the original ideasuch an approach could ruin a million dollar painting. Their only objective is to restore the artifact back to its original condition.

UCC is restoration. By detecting and correcting spinal abnormalities, known as vertebral subluxations, UCC restores normal nerve function which allows the inherent natural healing processes of the body to take place to full completion.

For a person to understand the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation and to fully appreciate and commit to the restoration (via UCC) then they have to know the value of the restored condition.

I had a friend who bought an antique classic with the intention of restoring it in his spare time. After ten years of tinkering with it, he finally took it to the best auto body shop in the state for an estimate. He had purchased the car for $3000 and was willing to spend another $5000 if necessary in order to get it full restored.

Imagine his surprise when the restoration export quoted him a fee of $42,000! The outrageous quote upset my friend greatlybut only until the expert told him that he had a very rare classic car, and once it was fully restored it could easily sell for well over $135,000 at any car auction. Upon hearing the news, my friend could not write a check fast enough.

The owner could have spent hours trying to persuade my friend with detailed descriptions of the restoration process, the time involved, the skill involvedand it would have not changed his mind. What he needed to understand was the value of the restored condition.

UCC is restoring the human nerve system back to an optimal level of function which allows the body to express optimal and valuable health.


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