Friday, November 15, 2013

Upper Cervical Care Helps Complications After Brain Surgery

Upper Cervical Care, Brain Surgery, Complications
Many people who go to chiropractors have had surgery of some kind. Often, they are concerned as to whether they can get chiropractic after surgery. This case study, documented in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, on June 14, 2013, may help answer this question.

In this case, a 17-year-old girl came to the chiropractor with health concerns that included an astrocytoma that was surgically removed from her cerebellum four years earlier. According to the American Brain Tumor Association, "Astrocytomas are tumors that arise from astrocytes—star-shaped cells that make up the 'glue-like' or supportive tissue of the brain." The authors of the study explain that the cerebellum is part of the central nervous system (CNS) and has no direct ability to cause muscle contraction, but if harmed or removed, body movements become uncoordinated and abnormal.

In addition to the brain tumor removal, the young girl also reported a history of scoliosis, headaches, tremors, fatigue, loss of balance, and dizziness. After her brain surgery, the girl experienced a significant decline in her postural control, her speech began to slow and was slurred, and her balance became difficult to maintain. Her balance got so bad that she was no longer trusted to drive. She also had fatigue and headaches that were debilitating and caused her to vomit. Her history noted that, prior to these symptoms, she was an avid dancer and soccer player, and was not taking any medication.

A chiropractic examination was performed which included palpation, thermography, and x-rays. From this examination, it was determined that the young woman had subluxations in the upper neck creating nerve system interference. A series of specific corrective chiropractic adjustments was initiated for the correction of the subluxations.

The patient stated that she began noticing changes by her second visit. By the 24th visit, the patient reported that her balance had improved from a 6 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10 since starting chiropractic care. She also stated that her speech had improved over 90% since beginning care, and that she feels it is smoother and less choppy.

In their conclusion the authors wrote, "This case report outlines subluxation-based chiropractic care of a 17-year-old female who was experiencing a loss of balance, difficulty with speech and postural problems following the removal of an astrocytoma from her cerebellum. This is one case demonstrating an improvement in balance, speech and posture while under chiropractic care."
(Editor's note: Remember the objective of upper cervical care is to correct head neck misalignment that is interfering with proper brain to body communication. When this is corrected the body functions at a higher level and can often correct other problems more efficiently on its own. Please do not confuse upper cervical care as a treatment for any condition, disease or symptom.)

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