Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What About The Nerves That Don't Sense Pain?

(Editors Note:  Our post today comes from my good friend and colleague Dr. Adam Tanase, A wonderful and knowledgeable Upper Cervical Chiropractor.)

Not All Nerves Sense Pain

Thanks to our body’s sensory nerves, we’re able to tell when something doesn’t quite feel right, like pain.

But did you know that your body has two additional types of nerves that have nothing to do with pain?

Motor nerves control our movements, while autonomic nerves (or “automatic” nerves) govern things you don’t ever have to think about, like heart rate, digestion, and breathing.

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This helpful infographic (produced by Mager and Associates Consultingdemonstrates how “feeling good” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in good health. Nerve irritation can be present in your body without pain.
That’s why it helps to get periodic checkups from an upper cervical chiropractor. With the help of objective assessment tools like computerized thermal imaging, upper cervical chiropractic doctors can help restore healthy function to the body by identifying and reducing autonomic nerve tension related to head/neck misalignment.

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