Monday, January 23, 2012

Diabetes, Brain Stem and Upper Cervical Care

by restorationspecific at Health Restored Blog

How can Upper Cervical Care help with Diabetes?

“The medulla oblongata is the lowermost portion of the brain, continuous with the spinal cord, that is responsible for respiration, circulation and the body’s autonomic reflexes, including function of the pancreas.”

Recent studies done by Dr. Peter Jannetta, MD the leading advocate and developer of microvascular decompression surgery has discovered a possible link between the vascular compression of the Medulla Oblongata (a portion of the brain stem) to metabolic disease such as Diabetes. Dr. Jannetta, MD has performed more than 6,000 microvascular decompression operations and he believes that inadequate blood flow to the brain stem is vital to insulin resistance and poor autonomic nervous system function. 7 out of 10 patients in Dr. Peter Jannetta’s latest study had improved glucose control without additional lifestyle changes.

When there is a misalignment in the upper cervical (neck) area, vascular compromise of the Brain stem is one of the most devastating possible consequences. Unlike most tissue that would die without proper blood flow, tissues in the central nervous system lie dormant until blood flow can be restored. With upper cervical care, the correction releases the torque on the Brain stem which decompress the vascular network that Dr. Jannetta’s believes contributes to metabolic diseases including Diabetes. In essence, the upper cervical correction reawakens the dormant tissues in the Brain stem area without expensive and invasive surgery. 

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(Editor's note: Remember the objective of upper cervical care is to correct head neck misalignment that is interfering with proper brain to body communication. When this is corrected the body functions at a higher level and can often correct other problems more efficiently on its own. Please do not confuse upper cervical care as a treatment for diabetes or any other condition, disease or symptom.)

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