Friday, November 4, 2011

Upper Cervical Care?...What is that?

Upper cervical care is a strict discipline of Chiropractic that focuses on the upper most portion of the spine called the cervical spine. This vital area is where the brain and spinal cord meet forming the brain stem.  The brain stem is protected by a vertebra called the ATLAS or cervical vertebrae #1. This small, 2 oz ring-like vertebra is not only responsible for keeping your head on top of your spine, but more importantly, it protects the brain stem at the base of your skull. Upper Cervical doctors focus on this area because just about every nerve in our spine originates at the base of the skull. Most of us would agree that our body was divinely created, and our brain was programmed to send life to the body via the nerve system. If the top vertebra in your spine misaligns, healthy nerve signals from your brain get distorted by compromising your nerve system. This compromised nerve system is the precursor to the body malfunctioning. In time, sickness or disease will ensue.

“What types of conditions are seen?”

There are thousands of titles that man has given the body due to the symptoms that it presents when not functioning properly. I have seen conditions from Headaches to Herniated discs, Colic to Cancers, Reflux to Respiratory issues, Spinal fusions to Scoliosis, and from ADHD to IBS. Regardless of the condition, how long, or the severity of the condition, everyone benefits by having an optimum functioning nerve system.

“What is a good age to begin having my spine checked for upper cervical subluxation?”

Clients range from a few hours old to the elderly. Infants frequently experience birth trauma, toddlers are constantly falling and bumping their head, children play sports and fall off their bicycles, swings, etc. Just about everything we do in life causes some form of stress to our body. Physical, chemical or emotional stressors compromise our nerve system and cause our body to begin to break down. Regardless of one’s age or health condition, everyone benefits from having their nervous system functioning optimally. The upper cervical spinal correction is gentle, precise and tailor-made per each particular spine. At no time will your spine be twisted, popped or snapped, thus making it safe for your entire family.

“Is Upper Cervical Care compatible with my existing healthcare?”

Yes! Restoring nerve and spinal function is consistent with all healthcare options. We encourage you to continue to consult with any of your other healthcare providers to coordinate with your upper cervical doctor for optimum recovery and maintenance. At no time will upper cervical care interfere with any of your healthcare choices. In fact, upper cervical care will only enhance your healing abilities.

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