Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is Atlas Orthogonal?

Atlas Orthogonal is a very effective and modern form of upper cervical care, using state-of-the-art technological advances. In fact, it is so advanced that many medical neurologists in Europe are trying to emulate the method. However, they are still 30-40 years behind a trained Atlas Orthogonal doctor.

Atlas Orthogonal is very safe, gentle, painless, and has shown to be extremely effective for a wide variety of health problems.

Your body has an amazing natural ability to heal itself, so in most cases, there is no need for drugs or surgeries. Those alternatives should be considered last, not first, resorts. Many health problems are can be caused or contributed by “short circuits” within the nervous system. The Atlas Orthogonal doctor is highly trained at detecting and safely correcting nerve interference due to head neck misalignment.

The corrections are done with a gentle and safe percussion instrument. The instrument is non-intrusive, non-threatening and low force. Depending on the specific misalignments and nerve interference (determined through proper examinations), the instrument is placed specifically and accurately. Once the patient is properly positioned, a gentle percussive force is generated at the site of the misalignment.

Sometimes, patients are surprised that the corrections is so gentle. Once the nervous system starts working better, the body starts to heal, and the symptoms often start to go away, which is when patients truly begin to appreciate the healing nature of Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical.

An Atlas Orthogonal doctor is a specialist in the brain stem and upper cervical area. The brain controls the body’s functions through the brain stem. The Atlas Orthogonal doctor can positively affect the body’s function and health by properly aligning the Atlas, which is the first cervical bone also called C1.

Because this specialty demands more schooling beyond chiropractic school and because of the focus and accuracy needed from an Atlas Orthogonal doctor, not many chiropractors continue to seek accreditation in this procedure. There are approximately 300 Atlas Orthogonal doctors in the whole world!

What is important to remember is: Atlas Orthogonal (Upper cervical care) does not treat any particular disease or symptom. It's goal is to correct nerve imbalance and restore the body’s proper function and health, and then the symptoms usually alleviate naturally. The nervous system controls all of the body’s functions. This is a natural method of health care. First, try to remedy your pain or cause of the problem naturally through upper cervical care. Then, if needed, seek prescription drugs second and surgery as a last resort.

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