Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Health Problems? … Cause/Solution

By Dr. Daniel Clark

Brain to Body Communication

When the brain can send unrestricted health and healing messages to all parts of the body, it has the natural, self-healing ability to regain and maintain optimal health.

Restricted Brain Messages

Head/Neck misalignment interference at the point where the head and neck join can disrupt or distort the normal flow of brain health and healing messages to the body. This can easily lead, or contribute, to the development of acute and chronic health problems.

Muscle or Joint Pain

Muscle or joint pain in the body is an indication of restricted brain to body communication.


Pain and Symptoms indicate restricted flow of brain healing messages to the body.

Optimal Health

We enjoy optimal health when the brain can communicate with all parts of the body without any interference.

Health Problems

Health problems develop when the brain is restricted from sending sufficient healing messages to the body due to misalignment interference at the top of the neck.

Body Imbalance

When the head (10 to 14 lbs. same as a bowling ball) is not perfectly balanced on top of the neck, the rest of the body will compensate to the shift of weight.

The spine and pelvis will twist, often causing one shoulder to move down and one hip to move up bringing the leg up with it to create body imbalance. (Short leg)
This can lead to the development of muscle and joint pain and numerous other health problems.

Maintaining Optimal Health

For the body to maintain optimal health, the head must stay straight and perfectly balanced on top of the neck to prevent brain to body misalignment interference.

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