Monday, December 13, 2010

Want Better Digestion? Try Upper Cervical Care

13 Benefits Of Upper Cervical Care: Part 12

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison” is an old saying that still conveys a lot of truth. Why is it that some people can eat anything, while others complain that just about everything disagrees with them. We can solve the problem by just avoiding particular foods or food groups. Yet, while that may ease the discomfort, it does not resolve the problem. Most likely the body is still not functioning as it should. Perhaps much of the difficulty in people’s lives results from constantly avoiding or ignoring little problems or covering them up with medication, while the cause of the body functioning incorrectly is never addressed. If the body cannot digest a certain food and you do not eat that food, you are symptom free. But that does not resolve the problem. There is something wrong in your digestive system and if not corrected, it will create problems later in life. If your car shakes and has abnormal vibrations when you get up to speeds of 60 MPH would it be wise to keep your speed below 60 and ignore checking into the cause of the problem? Of course not. You may damage your car or endanger your life. Ignoring certain foods and not trying to find out why your digestive system is not working properly pretty much amounts to the same thing.

The digestive system is one of the most delicately balanced systems in the body. Think about all the different types of food we eat. Did you know it takes a different type of chemical substance to digest all of the different types of food? Sugars, fats and proteins all require different chemicals to be digested and assimilated. On top of that, we usually put them all in the body at the same time! Somehow our bodies know which chemicals work on which foods and how much is needed for the proper digestion of each. When our bodies are working properly, the innate wisdom of the body produces these chemicals exactly as needed. When you realize that digestion in the stomach necessitates highly corrosive hydrochloric acid and yet the stomach lining is protected from being burned, you have to be in awe of our fantastic bodies.

Suppose the cells that produce the protective coating for the stomach were not working as they should. Messages from the brain over the nerve system are needed to produce that protective coating as well as to produce the right amount of acid at the right time. Every function of digestion, whether in the mouth, the stomach, the intestines or anywhere in between, necessitates chemical production which in turn necessitates mental impulses from the brain. If there is an interference to these mental impulses, the body will not and cannot work as it should. That interference can occur with head/neck misalignment. Digestion and assimilation of food is necessary for life and health. Proper digestion and assimilation is vital to a healthy and productive life. Help keep your digestive system working at its maximum by being under upper cervical care.

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