Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your Body: No Instructions Included?

We often fail to read the instructions before undertaking a task. Occasionally I may find myself at a self-serve gas station unable to get the pump going. Then I read the little instruction screen that says, “Pay the attendant inside first.” How often do we attempt to put together a new toy, new bicycle or a piece of furniture without bothering to read the instructions, unless of course we get stuck? Who takes the time to read the owner’s manual before driving off in a new car? Who ever reads the thick instruction booklet on a new DVD or Blu-ray player? What do we do? We plug it in, turn it on, and begin to use it right away. If it doesn’t work right, we try what we use to do before even though it might be a totally different model and manufacturer. When all else fails, then we read the instruction booklet.

Computer programmers have found a way to deal with this problem. They put the instructions on the screen and force you to go through them one screen at a time by clicking on “next.” Further, they give you all kinds of warnings and graphics to make you fearful to click to the next screen without reading the instructions. Of course, anyone who has used a computer is more likely to follow the screen’s instructions. It’s easier to take apart and reassemble a new back-yard barbecue grill then it is to fix a crashed computer. It never hurts to read the instructions first even if it does take a little longer and most of the time it avoids difficulties which are time consuming and have the potential for harm.

Ironically, the most important “appliance” in the world does not come with instructions. Wouldn’t it be nice if that new baby came into the world with “instructions for care and upbringing” tattooed on his little behind. There are many books on upbringing that help. Unfortunately, most of the books often elicit the response “that wouldn’t work with my kid!” That is because every child has a different personality. So we do the best we can and maybe hope for supernatural intervention.

The care of the body presents a similar problem. Every human body is a little different. There aren’t any instructions that fit everybody. We are designed as different on the inside as we are on the outside. Our individual bodies’ needs and functions are as different as our personalities. An instructional book is an impossibility. There are some common-sense measures regarding diet, rest and exercise that we can apply to everyone so we are not totally at a loss. Even better, we do not have to hope for supernatural intervention. That intervention is automatic. Within the living body is an innate intelligence capable of running the body from birth to death. It knows how to cool the “appliance” when it overheats, shut it down for rest, sleep and repair when overworked and so much more. It perfectly burns fuel (food) and eliminates wastes. It is run by the world’s most advanced computer. Its function is coordinated by the brain and nerve system. But glitches can occur in the system. When these glitches are caused by head/neck misalignment than upper cervical care can be of assistance. Upper cervical care corrects head/neck misalignment so the 'computer' can function properly and people can experience a fuller, more productive life. That is no small thing. So before you develop problems that cannot be corrected or just to make sure all your parts are working as they should, consider a simple guideline: Get periodic upper cervical check-ups.

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