Friday, September 10, 2010

What Is The Value Of Upper Cervical Care?

I was thinking about the value of upper cervical care the other day and I had to wonder whether any of us really know its value. When can deduce that when nerve interference is removed from your body, the body works better. That means your resistance is higher. Does that mean that when a person coughs in your face, you will not get a cold, or you will just get a cold instead of the flu? Perhaps. If your nerve system is working at greater efficiency, will that make you think better, concentrate better, or be more effective in your work? Perhaps! To what degree we cannot say. It may be noticeable or it may not. Everyone is different. Yet clearly it will make a difference. It is like exercising. You do not necessarily see a reduction in your waistline or bigger muscles after the first day of an exercise program but you know there is a change in your body. Often you can feel the change in the form of soreness or stiffness. The next time you exercise and you do not feel it, does that mean there has been no change?

We really cannot perceive all of the positive things that are happening in our bodies when we are maintaining our upper cervical correction. There are positive changes taking place on the cellular level. Life giving energy is being restored to starved and depleted cells. You cannot measure the value of that. Conversely, we really cannot know the damage being done by head/neck misalignment that cuts off the nerve supply to the tissues and cells in your body. It could be robbing the quality and quantity of your life. Someone once said that every cigarette cuts five minutes off your life. He further suggested that it would be great if that five minutes occurred right after a person finished smoking the cigarette. In other words, they would drop dead for five minutes and then come back. It would surely emphasize the harm of smoking. Yet because the major effects do not occur until the end of one’s life, it is not perceived as life threatening. I don’t know whether the five-minute figure is true but there is no doubt that smoking has a negative effect on the quantity and quality of one’s life. Similarly, there can be harm to one’s life from head/neck misalignment despite the fact that we cannot measure it.

What is the value of children having their upper cervical spine checked, and if needed corrected, at the earliest possible age? Again we many not be able to measure it because every child’s potential is different. However, a body maintaining its correction definitely enables them to move closer to their fullest potential. What is the value of upper cervical care? Sometimes we believe we can know it because of an immediate change or because a long-standing problem is resolved after getting under care. I would suggest that is only the tip of the iceberg. That is only a small part of the benefit of periodic upper cervical check-ups. We really cannot know what microscopic effects are taking place. We really cannot know what immeasurable effects are occurring like higher resistance and improved physical, mental and emotional function. Lastly, we cannot know what life-extending effects are taking place. Like the commercial for a certain credit card, there are some things that you can put a price on and some things are priceless. Upper cervical care is one of those things of which you just cannot know the value.

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