Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upper Cervical Care And Body Chemistry

Better living through chemistry? Remove the question mark from the above and you will be left with the slogan of a major international chemical manufacturing company. The thought was that science could create products that would improve the quality and possibly quantity of life. The basic premise being that science knows what is best for our bodies, that they have the knowledge needed to create chemicals that will perfectly enhance human performance. Judging by the amount of money spent on drugs, medications, vitamins, etc., it appears that the majority of the American population trusts that chemicals from outside of the body will improve life. Yet in matters of life and health, logic, not popularity should be the most valid yardstick for determining how to take care of our bodies. Perhaps we should take a closer look at what is happening on the inside before we decide if chemicals from the outside are the answer.

With even a basic understanding of human physiology, we can understand that all levels of human performance are governed by our internal body chemistry. We cannot do anything without first making a chemical. Our moods, energy level, ability to concentrate, ability to repair damaged tissue, and physical coordination are just some of the many areas of performance that are dependent on body chemistry. The delicate chemical balance within our body can greatly determine how we will function at a given moment or throughout a day, week, year, or even a lifetime.

Many people look to artificially enhance their performance by taking chemicals from outside their body. Years ago, the Russian women’s track and field team won many medals in the Goodwill Games. Later, it was discovered that these “athletes” had artificially enhanced their performance by taking steroids. These chemicals improved their strength, speed and overall athletic ability, but they also received some unwanted benefits (what we often call side effects). Their voices got deeper, they grew facial hair and their bodies became more male-like from the steroids. So after the Goodwill Games committee stripped them of their medals, they had nothing to show for their efforts other than their deep voices and facial hair.

The point of the above example is this: It is true that chemicals from outside of the body can alter and even enhance some areas of a person’s performance. It is important to also recognize though that these same chemicals have affects on other aspects of one’s performance (what many refer to as side effects or adverse reactions). Simply put, you cannot take a chemical from the outside-in without affecting the entire internal balance of body chemistry.

We all express an innate intelligence that maintains our level of performance in all aspects of life. This innate intelligence is expressed through the nerve system (brain, spinal cord and nerves). Through this vast communication network, the innate intelligence of the body maintains the internal chemical balance. As long as the proper information is clearly expressed through the nerve system, the glands will know when, where, and how much of a particular chemical is needed at any given time. The result is not only balanced body chemistry and optimal performance, but no “side effects” as well.

However, if there is interference to the communication system (nerve system) than the body chemistry cannot be balanced naturally and performance in all areas of life suffers. One such type of interference is head/neck misalignment. Upper cervical care assists the body in correcting this type of interference to the nerve system so that the body chemistry may be balanced naturally. Even if you choose to take chemicals from the outside to alter your performance, make sure you do not have interference in the nerve system due to head neck misalignment. That way your body can do its best to maintain the chemical balance that is disrupted by the chemical from the outside-in. So there is better living through chemistry but it is the chemistry your own body produces when it is free of interference.

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